Airdrop News For EIGEN Coin and These 2: Here are the Announcements!

EIGEN Coin ve Bu 2’sinde Airdrop Müjdesi! İşte Duyurular!
EIGEN Coin ve Bu 2’sinde Airdrop Müjdesi! İşte Duyurular!

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The blockchain world is experiencing very active days this week. Major developments from projects such as AgriDex, EigenLayer (EIGEN coin) and Layer3 have created excitement and discussion in the crypto community. In our news this week, we will examine the airdrop plans, new token launches and future plans of these projects.

Solana-based AgriDex raises $5 million and plans airdrop

Solana-based platform AgriDex, which works on the tokenization of agricultural commodities, received $ 5 million in pre-seed investment from Endeavor Ventures, African Crops Limited, Oldenburg Vineyards and Hank Oberoi. With this investment, the value of the project increased to 18 million dollars. AgriDex is a platform that enables the tokenization and trading of agricultural commodities. An NFT is printed for every transaction made on the platform.

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According to CEO Herry Duckworth’s statements, the platform will be launched in the third quarter of this year and its own cryptocurrency will be issued. AgriDex tokens will be used to reward and incentivize users based on their trading volume and engagement on the platform. The platform will organize an airdrop for its community in the coming months. Duckworth added that they are also planning a mass token sale at $0.10 per unit.

EigenLayer and EIGEN coin are at the center of controversy with airdrops and restrictions

EigenLayer, the $15 billion decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has created excitement and controversy in the crypto world with its upcoming token launch. The project is preparing to distribute the highly anticipated EIGEN coin with an airdrop starting on Friday, May 11. However, the excitement around the free token distribution is overshadowed by the exclusion of users from the US, China and other regions. Eigen Labs cited regulatory uncertainties as the reason for the restriction for users from the USA and China.

This decision, as expected, drew criticism from the crypto community. Messari analyst Kunal Goel stated that the EIGEN token airdrop was the primary incentive to encourage users to invest in the service. Goel stated that due to the new restriction, many early backers will not be able to claim their tokens. The restrictions also extend to VPN users and residents of some other countries. Similarly, Secondlane’s Nick Cote expressed dissatisfaction with Eigen Labs’ lack of transparency regarding legal limitations. “The fact that broadcasters are not open with legal restrictions leaves a sour taste in people’s mouths,” Cote said. said.

Meanwhile, Robert Drost of the Eigen Foundation emphasized the importance of complying with regulatory guidelines in a recent podcast. Following criticism from the crypto community, EigenLayer revised its airdrop plans and announced to allocate an additional 28 million EIGEN tokens. As we reported at, earlier this year, Eigen Labs raised approximately $165 million in funding from investors including a16z (Andreessen Horowitz). According to DeFiLlama, EigenLayer has attracted a whopping $15.01 billion in assets since its launch in early 2023.

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Layer3 launches its own cryptocurrency and plans airdrop

Finally, Layer3 announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency and organize an airdrop this summer. According to the statement, the total supply of Layer3 token will be 300 million and 51% of it will be reserved for community members. The economic details of the token will be announced in June 2024. Owners of the Layer3 token will be able to benefit from staking tools as well as having a say in the management of the protocol.

In the first phase of the airdrop, 5% of the L3 token will be distributed to those who have long supported the project and minted CUBE. The Layer3 team announced that more than one airdrop will be held and details about it will be shared in the future.

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Airdrop News For EIGEN Coin and These 2: Here are the Announcements!