Coinbase Gives Good News to These 3 Altcoins: They Will Be Listed Soon!

Coinbase Bu 3 Altcoin’e Müjdeyi Verdi: Yakında Listeye Girecekler!
Coinbase Bu 3 Altcoin’e Müjdeyi Verdi: Yakında Listeye Girecekler!

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As the cryptocurrency market continues to swing back and forth, exchanges continue to expand their listings. Coinbase, the leading crypto exchange, announced that it will list three altcoins on the futures markets.

Coinbase will list CRV, ENS and PEOPLE on futures!

As you have been following on, Coinbase continues to expand its list in order to expand the experience of its customers. In a recent development, Coinbase’s global futures platform Coinbase International announced that it will list three altcoins on its futures platform, CRV, ENS and PEOPLE. The exchange stated that it will launch CRV-PERP, ENS-PERP and PEOPLE-PERP contracts for this altcoin as of 12:30 pm on July 18. In this context, the cryptocurrency exchange made the following announcement:

  • CoinbaseIntExch will add support for Curve DAO, Ethereum Name Service and Constitution DAO perpetual futures on Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced. Our CRV-PERP, ENS-PERP and PEOPLE-PERP markets will open on July 18 at 12:30 p.m. PT or later.

The exchange is expanding the range of supported cryptos by adding these altcoins to its futures markets. This move allows traders and investors to access and trade these altcoins on the Coinbase International platform, giving them more choice and opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Exchange launches social web app for personal on-chain wallets

The leading cryptocurrency exchange has launched a web application with social functions for keeping track of personal on-chain wallets. The application is available on PCs and mobile devices. Users can manage all on-chain wallets and activities within the program and support buying, exchanging, sending, staking or minting tokens from the wallet. Users can also interact with each other. The cryptocurrency exchange has expressed hope of emulating WeChat.

AERO takes flight with Coinbase Ventures’ investment!

Coinbase Ventures has made strategic investments in Aerodcome’s (AERO) token, signaling a significant validation of the project’s potential, according to Nansen. Coinbase Ventures has not only initiated significant market purchases of AERO tokens, but has also continued to increase its holdings. Coinbase Ventures recently purchased a large number of AERO tokens, at least 2.7 million tokens worth approximately $4.7 million. This investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to supporting projects with strong potential in the Blockchain sector.

These investments are part of the Base Ecosystem Fund, managed through the Conbaise Ventures initiative. The fund aims to support innovative projects that help the Base ecosystem grow and thrive. This initiative is focused on fostering the next wave of Blockchain technologies and applications.

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Coinbase Gives Good News to These 3 Altcoins: They Will Be Listed Soon!