Crypto Whales Collect PEPE Coin and This Crypto: Selling These 2

Kripto Balinaları PEPE Coin ve Bu Kriptoyu Topluyor: Bu 2’sini Satıyor
Kripto Balinaları PEPE Coin ve Bu Kriptoyu Topluyor: Bu 2’sini Satıyor

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Latest on-chain data reveals that some cryptocurrency whales have accumulated large amounts of PEPE coin. Additionally, it was revealed that Maker (MKR) whales also collected and accumulated cryptocurrency from Coinbase. However, they are in the sales process for two cryptocurrencies. Here are the details…

Whales collect PEPE coin

According to data provided by Lookonchain, the whale budget with short address 0xa145 has withdrawn $3.44 million worth of PEPE tokens via Binance. Analysts estimate that this whale made a profit of 2.66 million distributions over PEPE.

  • The whale with short address 0xa4Fd exchanged 1.09 million USDC for PEPE at a price of 0.00000881.
  • The whale with the short address 0x24E3 purchased PEPE tokens with 661 thousand rooms at the level of 0.000008873 dollars.
  • The whale with the short address 0x895f made a purchase of 885 thousand partition PEPE on Binance.
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What does the interest of whales mean?

At the time of writing this article, PEPE price is trading at $0.000008. The altcoin is currently the third largest meme coin in the world, after Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). PEPE is trading lower at its all-time high price level. Cryptocurrency whales’ interest in PEPE may indicate an upside potential in the token’s price. Whales usually conduct detailed research before investing a large amount in a cryptocurrency.

Therefore, whales’ interest in PEPE can indicate whether the technical and fundamental analysis of the token is strong. However, as always, there is no certainty where the cryptocurrency is located. The price of PEPE going up or down may depend on various factors. Investors should conduct their own research and evaluate their risks before postponing any investment.

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What do other whale movements indicate?

Meanwhile, on-chain data reveals the movements of other cryptocurrency whales.

  • MKR Whales Exit Coinbase: According to The Data Nerd’s monitoring on May 12, 2 new packages attracted a total of 2,677 MKR (approximately $7.13 million) from Coinbase yesterday.
  • ENA Investor Suffered a Loss: On May 11, according to @ai_9684xtpa’s monitoring, the investor with address 0x860…B06AE, who deposited 2.77 million ENA to Ethena three weeks ago, transferred all his ENA to Binance. If the investor had sold all his ENAs, there would have been a loss of 224,000 homes.
  • Vladilena.eth Converted WeETH to ETH: On May 12, according to @ai_9684xtpa’s monitoring, vladilena.eth withdrew 1930 WeETH from Zircult 4 hours ago, converted it to 2000 ETH and deposited it to Binance. The transaction is valued at $5.84 million.

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Crypto Whales Collect PEPE Coin and This Crypto: Selling These 2