Dogecoin Shares from Cardano Inventor and Elon Musk: Price Fluctuated!

Dogecoin Shares from Cardano Inventor and Elon Musk: Price Fluctuated!
Dogecoin Shares from Cardano Inventor and Elon Musk: Price Fluctuated!

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Kabosu, the face of Dogecoin, died early yesterday morning at an estimated age of 18, his owner announced. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson paid tribute to Kabosu, posting a memetic statement that resonated deeply with the crypto community. Elon Musk, also a Dogecoin fan, made an interesting post. This post caused fluctuations in the DOGE price.

Cardano founder shared about Kabosu’s death!

As we reported as, Dogecoin’s official X account said on Friday, “Today, Kabosu, a common friend and inspiration to our community, passed away peacefully in the arms of his owner. It’s impossible to measure the impact this one dog has had around the world.” The Shiba Inu-based meme went viral in the early 2010s. This led to the creation of Dogecoin in December 2013. DOGE is currently the largest meme coin by market capitalization. Moreover, it has inspired several other major dog-themed meme coins.

In a tweet, Charles Hoskinson shared a GIF image with the caption “I was your friend and I will always be your friend” and wrote “Doge to Bitcoin”. He was responding to a post about the passing of Cardano founder Kabosu.

Kabosu, the face of Dogecoin and the iconic “Doge” meme, left a pawprint on the hearts of many. His death reverberated across the internet. It also united different communities in memory of the joy he brought to the world. Japan’s Shiba Inu inspired a generation of online pranks in 2010 after his skeptical look became a symbol of internet humor. Cardano’s founder also paid tribute to Kabosu’s legacy with his latest comment.

Dogecoin price surges after Elon Musk tweet!

Dogecoin witnessed several short spikes following the death of its inspiration. The first price spike occurred around 1:40 am, when news broke that the dog that started a meme had died. The second spike occurred around 11:00 am when perhaps the meme coin’s most well-known proponent tweeted about Kabosu’s passing.


Meanwhile, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, X and SpaceX, shared an image of the Shiba meme coin accompanied by a gorilla. “OG Doge ascended to heaven to be with his friend Harambe,” Musk wrote on X. The gorilla marks another piece of internet history. In May 2016, a young boy visiting the Cincinnati Zoo climbed under the fence into the outdoor gorilla area. A gorilla named Harambe then violently dragged most of them. A zoo employee shot and killed the 17-year-old gorilla. The incident sparked a series of memorials and caps on the internet. Elon Musk also makes a reference to this event!

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Dogecoin Shares from Cardano Inventor and Elon Musk: Price Fluctuated!