Giant Companies Are Dumping Those 2 Altcoin into Crypto Exchanges!

Dev Şirketler O 2 Altcoin Projesini Borsalara Boşaltıyor!   
Dev Şirketler O 2 Altcoin Projesini Borsalara Boşaltıyor!   

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The cryptocurrency market was activated today by the movements of two major players. The Data Nerd, an on-chain data platform that tracks transfers of altcoin projects, detected two significant transfers earlier today. These transfers took place from wallets that may belong to DWF Labs and Wintermute, two of the leading names in the altcoin market.

Wintermute transferred altcoin Arbitrum to Coinbase

Allegedly, a whale wallet that may belong to Wintermute transferred 1.4 million ARB tokens (approximately $1.57 million) to the Coinbase exchange approximately 4 hours ago after transferring them to a new wallet. It was determined that this wallet transferred 67.17 million ARB tokens from Coinbase at a price of 1.16 USD 10 months ago and later sent 16.8 million ARB tokens (31.57 million USD) to Wintermute’s wallet. was done. This move indicates that the wallet in question currently holds approximately 48.98 million ARB tokens (approximately $55.84 million USD).

Wintermute is one of the cryptocurrency market makers with a respected position in the market. This company ensures smooth trading of tokens between investors. Thus, it increases liquidity. However, the reason behind today’s transfer is not yet known. Some experts think that Wintermute may want to make a profit by selling its ARB tokens. However, as reported, today, the cryptocurrency market is quite shaky. So, if it sells at current prices, the company risks not making a large profit. Others predict that they may simply be transferring tokens to a different exchange.

An important move came from DWF Labs

Shortly after Wintermute’s move, another cryptocurrency market player, DWF Labs, also made a significant transfer. According to data from tracking platform ai_9684xtpa, DWF Labs transferred 10.8 million ID tokens (approximately $7.69 million) to OKX exchange via transfer address 0xD6e about two hours ago. DWF Labs is described as a “Web3 venture capital firm” that, unlike traditional investment funds, invests in tokens that are already on the market and seeks to provide liquidity in the market.

It is not yet known how today’s transfers will affect the market. However, considering these transfers, especially the large amount of ARB tokens held by Wintermute and the significant amount of ID tokens transferred by DWF Labs to OKX, it is thought that volatility in the cryptocurrency market may increase. Those investing in cryptocurrencies should follow the market closely in the coming days. Additionally, investment decisions should be made based on the potential impacts of such transfers.

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Giant Companies Are Dumping Those 2 Altcoin into Crypto Exchanges!