GME Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!

GME Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!
GME Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!

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Curve founder Michael Egorov announced that they have solved the liquidation risk problem and CRV price started to recover. Renowned market maker DWF Labs partnered with meme coin GmeStop (GME Coin). NEAR Foundation’s new independent startup Nuffle Labs raises $13 million in funding. And more…

News from CRV, GME Coin and 3 altcoins!

Founder makes announcement, CRV rebounds 40% from bottom

As you have been following on, today the founder of Curve Finance faced serious liquidation risk. After that, the token price fell sharply. Following these developments, Curve founder Michael Egorov made some statements on his X account. Egorov said that they solved the liquidation risk problem and repaid 93% of bad debts. In this context, Egorov included the following details:

The Curve Finance team and I are working to solve the liquidation risk problem that occurred today. Many of you know that I have liquidated all my loans. The size of my positions was too big for the markets to handle, resulting in a bad debt of 10 million. Only the CRV market on (where the position was the largest) was affected. I have already repaid 93% of it and I plan to repay the rest very shortly. It will help users not to suffer from this situation.

Following these announcements, CRV recovered and briefly surpassed $0.3. The token is currently trading at $0.2975, up nearly 40% from its intraday low. According to Binance data, before the close of trading today, the trading volume of the CRV/USDT spot trading pair reached 1.139 billion ($303 million in trading volume). Thus, it witnessed a record high for the trading pair.

DWF Labs has partnered with GmeStop (GME Coin)!

Meanwhile, renowned market maker DWF Labs has partnered with meme coin GmeStop (GME Coin). The project expects this partnership to bring several benefits to the GME Coin community. At the very least, it hopes to influence its listing on major exchanges. GME Coin released the following statement regarding the development:

We have selected DWF Labs as our market maker. DWF Labs is a top-tier Market Maker, managing assets such as FLOKI and BONK. They are also among the top 3 in the industry. This partnership promises to bring numerous benefits to our community. DWF Labs will not only efficiently provide liquidity on various exchanges, but will also have close relationships with Tier 1 exchanges that can positively impact GME’s listing on major exchanges.

NEAR Foundation’s new independent organization Nuffle Labs raises $13 million in funding

The NEAR Foundation has established an independent organization called Nuffle Labs, which has raised $13 million in strategic funding. Nuffle Labs is developing NEAR’s Data Availability Layer (NEAR DA), NEAR Fast Finality Layer (NFFL) and other products in the NEAR modular product suite. According to the project description, the NEAR Foundation contributed to the company’s financing with a strategic grant. In addition, funding came from an investment led by Electric Capital.

GME Coin

Injective and Bitoro to launch cost-effective futures platform

Injective Protocol and Bitoro Network are collaborating. The two are teaming up to introduce a groundbreaking on-chain perpetual futures platform. The collaboration aims to provide instant and cost-effective trading options for institutional-grade real-world assets (RWA) and cryptocurrency futures.

CLS Global makes strategic investment in DeepLink Protocol

CLS Global announced a strategic investment in DeepLink Protocol, a decentralized AI cloud gaming protocol. Meanwhile, CLS Global is a one-stop consulting firm. Therefore, platform services are crucial to foster project growth and market success.

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GME Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!