Hot News from PYTH Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!

Hot News from PYTH Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!
Hot News from PYTH Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!

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Pyth (PYTH Coin) announced the launch of its Ecosystem Grant Program. Sui shared that Netki, the identity verification project, will go live on Sui. Binance announced that it will add NOT to futures trading. And more…

News from PYTH Coin and 7 altcoins!

Nubit integrates Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain using Nubit DA has officially gone live on the Nubit Alpha development test-net. Thus, it became possible for users to query relevant data through the development network. As you have been following from, on March 20, Nubit announced a partnership with Merlin Chain. Through this collaboration, the two parties will directly coordinate Merlin Chain with Nubit’s Bitcoin native DA solution. This will unlock Bitcoin’s potential through native L1 assets, users and protocols.

Pyth (PYTH Coin) ecosystem grant program launched

The Pyth Data Association today announced the launch of the Pyth (PYTH Coin) Ecosystem Grant Program. It has awarded 50 million PYTH Coin grants to eligible community members. This is equivalent to approximately $21.09 million at current prices. The funding program aims to encourage community members to share their ideas and insights about Pyth Network (PYTH Coin) with the wider Web3 community and contribute to its development through education and research programs.

The program includes three categories: community grants, research grants and developer grants. Each category focuses on different goals for the development and expansion of the Pyth Network (PYTH Coin). The program will oversee the distribution of PYTH Coin tokens to applicants. These tokens come from the supply ecosystem growth token economy category. All three categories will allocate grants to unlock and lock tokens.

Netki will go live on Sui and launch DeFi Sentinel

Sui shared that its authentication project Netki will go live on Sui. Netki will launch the DeFi Sentinel tool for developers that can automatically comply with the agreement. It will also allow developers to focus on delivering projects with great impact without having to spend time considering complex regulations. DeFi Sentinel will provide real-time KYC/AML, wallet scanning, financial transaction monitoring, securities compliance, and tax compliance. It will also integrate directly with DeFi protocols in Sui, who has chosen to implement the intermediary.

Sui will also integrate Netki’s OnboardID, which will improve the user onboarding and authentication process for protocols that support this functionality, reduce costs and simplify the compliance of the Sui DeFi application deposit process.

Cumberland receives 20 million USDT from Tether and deposits it into CEX

According to on-chain monitor LookonChain, after 12 days of sleep, Cumberland received 20 million USDT from Tether Treasury. LookonChain then stated that Cumberland invested it in a CEX. Since October 20, 2023, Cumberland has received 5.53 billion USDT from Tether Treasury and invested it in CEX.

Binance to launch perpetual contract NOT USDⓈ-M

As you have been following on, Binance today added the Launcpool project Notcoin (NOT) to its list. The leading crypto exchange later announced that it will also add NOT to futures trading. In this regard, Binance announced that its Futures Trading Platform will launch the USDⓈ-M NOT perpetual contract with up to 50x leverage on May 16 at 22:00.

Core Chain collaborates with Kiln

Core Chain, one of the leading Layer-1 Blockchains, has collaborated with Kiln. This project has already made a name for itself by executing staking transactions. The partnership is part of the network’s commitment to strengthening security and decentralization. Kiln is an enterprise-grade validator that performs flawless staking.

ICP announces ambitious roadmap on its 3rd anniversary

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), a pioneering decentralized Blockchain network, today celebrated its third anniversary by releasing the “4th Anniversary Internet Computer Roadmap”. This roadmap highlights ICP’s achievements since its inception in May 2021. It also lays out ambitious plans to establish ICP as a leader in Decentralized Artificial Intelligence (DeAI) and Blockchain i interoperability.

Oasys collaborates with Ripple’s Partner SBI Group’s NFT arm

SBINFT Market, a subsidiary of Japanese fintech giant SBI Group, now supports both L1 and L2 Blockchain networks of the Oasys ecosystem. Experts expect the joint program to accelerate Oasys’ role in Japan, one of the most influential Web3 hubs.

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Hot News from PYTH Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!