Hot News from TON Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!

TON Coin ve Bu 7 Altcoin’den Liste Dahil Sıcak Haberler Var!
TON Coin ve Bu 7 Altcoin’den Liste Dahil Sıcak Haberler Var!

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TON Blockchain (TON Coin) announced the launch of a new Layer-2 network based on Polygon technology. Merlin Chain announced that it has integrated the DeFi protocol LRT became available on BingX, a top crypto exchange. Bithumb added BRETT and TAIKO to its list! And more…

News from SHIB, LRT, TON Coin and these 5 altcoins!

TON Blockchain (TON Coin) will launch TAC

TON Blockchain (TON Coin) has announced the launch of a new second layer network based on Polygon technology. The team announced the news on Tuesday at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Brussels, Belgium. The new protocol is called TON Applications Chain (TAC). It will also use Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK), a customizable toolkit that allows developers to build their own Layer-2 Blockchains based on Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology, and Polygon’s AggLayer, an interoperability layer used to solve Blockchain sharding.

Circle issues another 250 million USDC on the Solana network

Circle (USDC Treasury) reported today that it minted another 250 million USDCs on the Solana network, according to on-chain data

ENA Coin Nedir? Ethena Fiyat Tahminleri

Merlin Chain integrates

Merlin Chain announced that it has integrated, a DeFi protocol aimed at enabling seamless transactions of structured financial products. SOFA offers MERL holders a choice of financial products ranging from BTC to various asset classes that are compatible with Merlin Chain’s EVM Layer-2 network. Here are the advantages of the integration of both parties:

  • No trust required: Benefit from smart contract immutability and on-chain asset settlement.
  • Low cost: Enjoy low transaction fees on Merlin Chain.
  • Enhance TVL: SOFA’s user base and on-chain data will significantly increase and lock Merlin’s TVL.

Shiba Inu whale activity increases 540

As you have been following on, meme coins, including Shiba Inu, started a bullish move, but failed to follow through. However, whales continue to circle around these coins. The popular meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) saw a massive 540% increase in large trading volume, indicating whale activity.

Large Trade Volume estimates the total amount traded by whales and institutional participants on a given day. Increases in Large Trade Volume indicate increased activity among institutional players, whether buying or selling. In this context, large trades refer to those larger than $100,000. According to IntoTheBlock, Shiba Inu’s large trade volumes have reached $92.42 million in the last 24 hours, an increase of 540.04%. That’s equivalent to 5.71 trillion SHIB in crypto terms.

Large Trade Volume. Source: IntoTheBlock

Agrotoken collaborates with Tanssi

Appchain infrastructure platform Tanssi has entered into a long-term strategic collaboration with Agrotoken, a leading global tokenization platform for agricultural commodities. The collaboration will support new solutions for agribusinesses in South America. Agrotoken, a cutting-edge tokenization platform for agribusinesses, has formed a partnership with Tanssi, a multi-purpose application Blockchain protocol for Web3 venues. The two teams will work together on Polkadot-based agricultural finance solutions for the South American market.

LandRocker (LRT) debuts at BingX

LandRocker (LRT), a cutting-edge play-to-earn game, is expanding trading opportunities for its native token LRT. Following the completed funding round and listings on major DEXs and CEXs, LRT is now available on BingX, a top crypto exchange. LandRocker, a popular play-to-earn Web3 game on Polygon (MATIC), is finally listing its LRT token on BingX, a tier 1 centralized crypto exchange, according to an official statement from its team. Spot trading of LRT on BingX started today at 15:00 PT.

Bithumb adds BRETT and TAIKO to its list!

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced the listing of BRETT and TAIKO. After the announcement, BRETT saw a significant increase, while TAIKO did not experience a significant rise. Bithumb announced the details of the listing, stating that both altcoins will be tradable on the Korean Won market. However, deposits via networks other than BASE for BRETT and Taiko for TAIKO will not be supported. Deposits for both coins began at 15:00 on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. Trading and withdrawal of these assets opened at 18:00 on the same day.

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Hot News from TON Coin and These 7 Altcoins Included in the List!