Institutional Investors Sell SOL Coin and These 3: Buys These 7 Assets!

Kurumsal Yatırımcılar SOL Coin ve O 3’ünden Çıkıyor: 7'sini Alıyor!
Kurumsal Yatırımcılar SOL Coin ve O 3’ünden Çıkıyor: 7'sini Alıyor!

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Institutional investors are of great importance in the cryptocurrency space. Institutional investors are selling SOL coin, ETH and Bitcoin, according to CoinShares’ weekly digital asset inflows report, which shares data on institutional fund flows into crypto assets.

CoinShares report: Outflows total $126 million

Cryptoasset investment products experienced a shift in sentiment last week, with small outflows totaling US$126 million. This marks a deviation from the positive momentum of previous weeks. This suggests that investors are adopting a more cautious approach as price gains have stalled.

Data compiled from various sources suggest that investor interest in established cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum has waned. Ethereum experienced the most significant outflows in relative terms, with US$29 million leaving the asset class for the fifth consecutive week. This continued outflow suggests that investors may be taking profits or shifting their focus to other areas of the crypto asset market.

Outflows from SOL coin and other cryptos

Despite the general trend of caution, altcoins continued to see positive inflows. This week, inflows targeted “smaller names” such as Decentraland (MANA), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and LIDO (LDO). Apart from that, Litecoin received $1.6 million and short Bitcoin received $1.7 million. Inflows into XRP and Polkadot were $300k and $800k respectively. Cardano and BNB remained neutral this week. On the other hand, according to CoinShares, there was an outflow of $3.6 million in assets from Solana. Ethereum was $ 28.7 million and Bitcoin was $ 110 million.

The report also examines regional trends and reveals that the US was the source of the largest outflows, totaling $145 million. This can be attributed to profit-taking or a reassessment of risk tolerance by American investors. Conversely, Germany saw the recent price weakness as a buying opportunity and last week saw inflows totaling US$29 million.

As have reported, Bitcoin witnessed outflows of US$110 million last week, but has managed to maintain positive inflows totaling US$555 million since the month. This suggests that despite the short-term decline in investor confidence, Bitcoin continues to maintain its long-term appeal for a segment of the market. Interestingly, short Bitcoin positions, which aim to profit from price declines, saw a reversal of the three-week outflow trend with a small inflow of US$1.7 million.

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Institutional Investors Sell SOL Coin and These 3: Buys These 7 Assets!