MATIC Coin and These 5 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!

MATIC Coin and These 5 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!
MATIC Coin and These 5 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!

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Polygon Labs (MATIC Coin) core developers announced it will use SP1. Baby Doge launched a critical offer. Market maker DWF Labs invested in API3. And more…

News from ETH, MATIC Coin and these 4 altcoins!

Polygon Labs (MATIC Coin) to use SP1 for AggLayer

Polygon Labs (MATIC Coin) core developers announced that it will use SP1. Thus, the blockchain aggregator layer will form an important component of AggLayer called ‘pessimistic proof’, a zero-knowledge-proof (ZKP) method for securing AggLayer. SP1, developed by Succinct Labs, facilitates the connection of blockchains to AggLayer. In addition, Plonky3 provides performance and robustness in the lower layer. Polygon Labs (MATIC Coin) shared the development on its official X account with the following statements:

Yesterday, we introduced pessimistic proof, a new ZKP that will provide security for blockchains connected to AggLayer. Pessimistic proof will be generated by SuccinctLabs’ SP1, a general-purpose ZKVM built with Polygon Plonky3.

Phantom: Opera’s upgrade to Sonic officially begins

Fantom announced that the upgrade of the existing Opera Blockchain has reached the required 80% consensus level. It also officially announced that it has officially launched. The release date is consistent with the expectations the project set at the beginning of the Sonic test-net phase last October. Furthermore, the project is progressing smoothly without any delays.

Avalon Finance’s TVL surpasses $200 million

Avalon Finance, the largest lending protocol in the Bitcoin ecosystem, participated in the Bitlayer First Mining Festival. In the process, the protocol’s TVL exceeded $200 million in three days. It now has a total TVL of $450 million and more than 40,000 users.

Baby Doge launches a critical offer

Baby Doge announced that it has launched a proposal to relinquish ownership of token contracts on Ethereum and BNBChain. This proposal aims to provide greater decentralization, increase trust and transparency within the community, and reduce the risk of admin abuse or centralized control. The proposal is open for voting and the voting deadline is June 5th. The current approval rate is 100%.

Market maker DWF Labs invests in API3

As you have been following on, the renowned market maker DWF Labs is often in the spotlight for its investments. In a recent move, DWF Labs led the latest funding round for Binance-listed API3. In this context, the market maker announced an investment in API3:

We are proud to have led API3DAO’s strategic funding round! Congratulations to our team on this achievement. This funding round will accelerate API3’s mission to revolutionize the oracle environment and advance the global on-chain financial system. We look forward to their continued innovation and further integrating dApps and Blockchain networks by launching OEV Network’s main-net.

Hashdex withdraws spot Ethereum ETF application from SEC

Recently, the US SEC gave the green light to 8 companies that applied for a spot Ethereum ETF. However, some of the applicants were on hold. SEC documents show that crypto asset management company Hashdex has withdrawn its spot Ethereum ETF application. Hashdex is a potential issuer and is not among the eight issuers that received approval.

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MATIC Coin and These 5 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Investing!