Hot News from ETH, ARB Coin and These 5 Altcoins!

Hot News from ETH, ARB Coin and These 5 Altcoins!
Hot News from ETH, ARB Coin and These 5 Altcoins!

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Decentralized social protocol Farcaster integrated into the Arbitrum (ARB Coin) network. Zeta Markets announced the unlocking program of its token Z. Alchemy Pay announced its new venture Web3 Digital Bank. And more…

Hot news from ACH, ARB Coin and 5 altcoins!

Arbitrum (ARB Coin) integrates social protocol Farcaster

The decentralized social protocol Farcaster has integrated into the Arbitrum (ARB Coin) network. It will also organize a buildathon for developers to create frameworks on Arbitrum. This competition will provide $500,000 in retroactive prizes. From now on, it is possible for users to create Frames directly with Arbitrum (ARB Coin) transaction support. This gives Frame builders and users direct access to one of the largest Blockchain communities.

Livepeer to launch AI sub-net

Video streaming platform Livepeer has announced the launch of the Livepeer AI sub-net, a decentralized video processing network with AI computing power. The sub-net will build on Livepeer’s decentralized video processing network architecture. The sub-net will provide open video infrastructure with global reach. It will also promote scalability through a Blockchain-based token economy.

Spindl launches on-chain ad network

Web3 startup Spindl was founded by Silicon Valley veteran Antonio Garcia Martinez. The project has now announced the launch of an on-chain ad network that connects advertisers, publishers and so-called attribution providers that track customer sources. The delivery of advertising content will take place off-chain as usual. But advertisers will transfer funds for advertising campaigns to smart contracts. Furthermore, the smart contract will only release funds to the publisher when the attribution provider verifies that the ad led to sales by reviewing on-chain data.

Zeta Markets announces token unlock program

Zeta Markets, a derivative protocol on Solana, has announced the unlock schedule of its token Z. Z will be unlocked during TGE and in the following weeks as follows:

  • Airdrop: The project will distribute 8% of the supply to traders through an initial airdrop to increase early adopters’ loyalty. Z’s initial stakers will be eligible for additional airdrops (2%), which will be given after TGE in the form of Z 1 Epoch (28 days) staking.
  • Incentives: After the snapshot, the platform’s incentives for traders (30% within 90 months) will start from Epoch 1.
  • Funding: At the same time, community funding (22.5% over 24 months) will support multi-year growth plans, including liquidity supply and Zeta’s creative and ambassador programs.
ARB coin

Lorenzo announced an ecological strategic alliance with Bitlayer

Bitcoin Liquidity Financial Layer Project Lorenzo has formed an ecological strategic partnership with Bitcoin Layer-2 Bitlayer. Lorenzo will launch Beta on Bitlayer to accept BTC pledges. It will also support users to use liquidity pledge tokens stBTC generated by pledges on Bitlayer to generate additional revenue.

Alchemy Pay Introduces ‘Web3 Digital Bank’, ACH takes off!

Alchemy Pay recently announced its new initiative Web3 Digital Bank. Thus, the project has reached an important milestone. This initiative will revolutionize the way multi-fiat accounts are opened and operated and streamline cash flows. It will also enable seamless conversions between fiat and cryptocurrency for global Web3 businesses. Meanwhile, Alchemy Pay’s native token ACH surged nearly 10% following the announcement.

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Whales send 25,000 ETH to Robinhood!

As you’ve been following on, developments regarding the spot Ethereum ETF sent ETH soaring. This, in turn, mobilized the whales. In a significant move, 25,000 ETH flowed from an unknown wallet to popular trading platform Robinhood. This amount is worth about $92.1 million at the current price. This significant move has therefore sparked considerable speculation and debate among investors and analysts.

The transfer of 25,000 ETH took place in two transactions. According to experts, this indicates a purposeful and deliberate action. Crypto data tracker Whale Alert reported two transactions involving 12,500 ETH, each worth approximately $46 million, moved from the same unknown wallet to Robinhood.

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Hot News from ETH, ARB Coin and These 5 Altcoins!