Hot News from TAO Coin and These 6 Altcoins!

Hot News from TAO Coin and These 6 Altcoins!
Hot News from TAO Coin and These 6 Altcoins!

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Interest in decentralized protocol Bittensor (TAO Coin) is growing. Binance OMNI mining FDUSD data returns to normal. Market maker stacks more than 56,000 METIS on Coinbase! And more…

News from ID, METIS, TAO Coin and these 4 altcoins!

Interest in decentralized protocol Bittensor (TAO Coin) is growing

According to various sources, companies such as Polychain, dao5 and Digital Currency Group (DCG) hold TAO Coin, Bittensor’s token, worth at least $350 million in total. Polychain holds $200 million worth of Bittensor (TAO Coin) tokens, while dao5 has a stash of around $50 million. In addition, DCG holds about $100 million worth of TAO Coin. Polychain, started by Polychain founder Olaf Carlson Wee, invested in Bittensor (TAO Coin) in 2019. In addition, dao5, founded by Tekin Salimi, also supports TAO. Accordingly, it has about $50 million worth of TAO Coin investments.

Binance OMNI mining FDUSD data back to normal

According to Binance official information, Binance OMNI mining FDUSD data has returned to normal. In this regard, it shows that approximately 3.14 billion coins are currently being mined. According to community feedback, there is a significant discrepancy between the data displayed by OMNI mining FDUSD and the actual issuance data of FDUSD. Binance clarified that this was an issue with the mining data display. The exchange also stated that they have resolved this issue.

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The market maker uploaded more than 56,000 METIS to Coinbase

On-chain observer ‘ai_9684xtpa’ recently transferred 56,144 METIS worth $3.44 million to Coinbase, the METIS market maker address. This move attracted attention as it came four months after the purchase. The whale transferred this portion of METIS from Coinbase between December 22-26, 2023 at an average price of $57. If all of it had been sold, a profit of $ 80,000 would have been made. Meanwhile; METIS has fallen 47% in the last 30 days, causing a serious reduction in profits. On March 12, when the stock price reached a record high, the variable profit was as high as $ 4.31 million.

Manta Network joins Hong Kong Cyberport incubation project

Manta Network joins Cyberport, the Hong Kong Cyberport incubator project. Cyberport is a startup incubator in Hong Kong Cyberport, managed by the Cyberport Management Company, which is owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. With Cyberport’s help, Manta Network will explore application cases in finance, education and other traditional fields to connect Web2 and Web3 ecosystems.

1inch Foundation sells 6 million 1INCH tokens

On-chain analyst Yu Jin observed that the 1inch Foundation multi-signature address recently transferred 6 million 1INCH (worth about $2.52 million) to market maker GSR’s wallet address. GSR then transferred 1.55 million 1INCH to multiple trading platforms.

Omni Network announced the schedule!

As you follow from, Omni Network recently announced that it will make a statement regarding token requests. In this context, the project reported on its social platform that token requests and staking will open on the 17th of this month at 19:00.

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DWF Labs invested in Space ID (ID Coin)!

DWF Labs is a leading market maker in the crypto sector. The market maker has recently made significant investments in altcoins. According to on-chain monitor SpotOnChain, DWF Labs bought 11.34 million ID coins. This amount corresponds to a total of $8.42 million. Accordingly, DWF Labs bought the token from Binance, Gateio and MEXC at a price of $0.743. With this investment, ID has taken the top spot in DWF Labs’ portfolio.

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Hot News from TAO Coin and These 6 Altcoins!