PEPE Coin and These 8 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!

PEPE Coin ve Bu 8 Altcoin’den Airdrop Dahil Sıcak Haberler Var!
PEPE Coin ve Bu 8 Altcoin’den Airdrop Dahil Sıcak Haberler Var!

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Catizen, the blockchain gaming project, has announced its roadmap, including an airdrop. A giant whale address exchanged its entire PEPE Coin hoard for ETH. Coinbase announced that it will no longer support the planned merger of multiple AI altcoin projects into a single new crypto. And more…

News from ARB, PEPE Coin and these 7 altcoins!

Catizen will launch a gaming platform and airdrop in July!

In a roadmap posted on social media, Catizen, a Tons of ecological Blockchain gaming project, reported that the project is about to enter the third phase: launching a gaming platform. Catizen announced plans to launch more than 200 small games. He also noted that he is developing Catizen from a single small game to a gaming hub that can unite more than 100 million players. In addition, Catizen stated that it will hold an airdrop in July.


Aleo to launch Testnet Provers incentive program

Data privacy platform Aleo will launch a testnet prover incentive program from July 1-15. The goal of this incentive program is to validate the Coinbase reward mechanism and the underlying puzzle. To this end, the Aleo Network Foundation will provide 1 million points to provers. Each prover will receive main-net points in proportion to the testnet points earned during the incentive period. The minimum reward will be 1,000 main-net points. Any provers who receive less than this amount will be ineligible for the reward. The announcement specifically stated that points earned during this incentive period will be distributed after the main-net launch. Aleo points will be used as a payment mechanism for Aleo main-net services.

TON Network’s TVL has exceeded $680 million!

On June 29, TON Network’s TVL exceeded $680 million, according to DefiLlama data. In this context, the TVL currently stands at $680.15 million. Thus, the TVL set a new record. However, DefiLlama reported that the growth trend of TVL has slowed down. Among them, the TVL of the TON ecosystem DEX protocol DeDust increased by 6.5% last week to $344 million.


GoldLink to distribute 75,000 ARBs

DeFi lending protocol Goldlink has announced the launch of a rewards program supported by the GMX Grant Program. Starting June 30th, GoldLink will distribute 75,000 ARBs with an annual return of up to 20% to borrowers who deposit funds into the GMX funding rate agricultural pool. Rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis and borrowers will be able to claim their ARB reward shares directly on the GoldLink website. The specific distribution amount is based on the total volume locked (TVL) limit of the loan pool.

A whale exchanged its entire PEPE Coin hoard for ETH

On June 29, whale address 0x837 exchanged its entire PEPE Coin hoard for ETH, according to tracking by on-chain observer The Data Nerd. Recently, the whale withdrew 1,728 ETH (about $5.86 million) from Binance and a total of 4,374 ETH (about $14.91 million) over the past two days. The whale pawned these ETH to Compound. Previously, after transferring the PEPE Coin stack to Binance, the whale withdrew a total of 2,646 ETH (worth $9.04 million) from Binance at an average price of $3,416.

Coinbase will not support, Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET Merger

Coinbase, the leading US exchange, will not facilitate the planned merger of multiple AI altcoin projects into a single new crypto. In an announcement via social media platform X, Coinbase says that customers will have to initiate the merger on their own. In this context, Coinbase made the following statement:

Ocean (OCEAN) and (FET) have announced their merger to form the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI). Coinbase will not handle the migration of these assets on behalf of users.

As you have been following on, in March (FET), Singularitynet (AGIX) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) announced a plan to merge to form the largest independent player in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, which they call the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI).

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PEPE Coin and These 8 Altcoins Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!