July Price Predictions for SHIB and XRP Coin from Artificial Intelligence!

Yapay Zekadan SHIB ve XRP Coin için Temmuz Fiyat Tahminleri!
Yapay Zekadan SHIB ve XRP Coin için Temmuz Fiyat Tahminleri!

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The cryptocurrency market is being shaken by a wave of selling. Bitcoin, the leading crypto, is struggling to hold on to its critical $60,000 support. The rest of the market is literally taking a bloodbath. In this negative and pessimistic environment, we took a look at AI’s July 1 predictions for SHIB and XRP Coin.

Artificial intelligence predicts XRP Coin price for July 1

As you have been following on Kriptokoin.com, in 2024, its fans expected XRP to make a major comeback, just like in previous years. It was even encouraged by some positive, albeit uncertain, developments in Ripple’s long-running legal battle with the US SEC. However, the uncertainty around Ripple has not gone away. Amid this uncertainty, OpenAI’s advanced ChatGPT-4o model was the first to offer a July 1 price target for XRP. The AI provides the following explanation for its $0.50 prediction:

Given the recent performance and market sentiment, which has been generally bearish, it is difficult to envision a significant bullish move in the short term. Given the current data and the cyclical nature of the broader cryptocurrency market, a conservative forecast for XRP by July 1, 2024 would be around $0.50. This target takes into account the current bearish trend, recent price trends and typical market volatility, without any major new developments or market changes expected within the week.

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XRP Coin forecast from other AI bots

Microsoft Copilot proved to be quite diligent and provided 3 price targets. According to Copilot, XRP will rise to $0.519 in the worst case scenario and $0.583 in the best case scenario. However, it will most likely climb to $0.559.

Copilot XRP price predictions for July 1.

Alphabet’s Gemini, formerly known as Google Bard, has in many ways been the biggest outlier. Not only did the platform state that XRP is poised for a rally in the coming days, but it also predicted that it will hit a new yearly high on July 1, finding itself at $0.82.

Finally, we turned to the machine learning and AI-driven algorithms of PricePredictions, a platform that specializes in predicting the future prices of various assets. According to the platform, XPR is likely to fall in the coming week and be at the level of $0.448881 in seven days.

XRP Coin
XRP price forecast for July 1. Source: PricePredictions

Artificial intelligence predicts SHIB Coin price for July 1

Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to correct its price, consolidating the gains made since the beginning of the year. As with many other cryptocurrencies, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are pessimistic about price performance in the near future. Indeed, after trading around $0.00003 until mid-April, Shiba Inu’s price action has slowed considerably over the past few weeks, first dropping below the critical level of $0.00002 and then following the crypto market’s bearish trend to below $0.000017.

Regarding its future performance, complex AI algorithms used by crypto analytics and forecasting platform PricePredictions predict that SHIB’s price will be $0.000014 on July 1. Therefore, the meme suggests that the coin will continue to fall. The AI’s target price implies a 16.52% decrease from SHIB’s current price.

XRP Coin
Shiba Inu price 30-day forecast. Source: PricePredictions

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July Price Predictions for SHIB and XRP Coin from Artificial Intelligence!