Revealed: Smart Money Buys UNI Coin and These 9 Cryptos!

Açıklandı: Akıllı Para, UNI Coin ve O 9’unda!
Açıklandı: Akıllı Para, UNI Coin ve O 9’unda!

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The cryptocurrency market has experienced incredible growth and change in recent years. With this change, investors started to need more information and data. Sophisticated investors, called smart money, follow the market closely, using various analysis tools and platforms to meet this need. Nansen stands out as one of these platforms and offers valuable information on which tokens smart money is buying. This information can serve as an important guide for investors. In this article, we will examine the tokens most preferred by smart money in the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours, according to Nansen’s latest data. We will also talk about some of the key features of these tokens, including the UNI coin.

Smart money is buying UNI coin and these 9 cryptos

According to the latest data from Nansen, smart coins purchased the most ETH, weETH, pufETH and UNI tokens on the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours.

  • ETH was the smart money’s most preferred token with a net inflow of $8,471,691.
  • weETH ranked second with a net inflow of $6,654,098.
  • pufETH ranked third with a net inflow of $6,295,785.
  • UNI ranked fourth with a net inflow of $4,684,225.
  • aETHwstETH ranked fifth with a net inflow of $3,400,629
  • aEthUSDT ranked sixth with an inflow of $2,961,854
  • Following these coins were WBTC, stETH and CRV, with entries between 1 million and 2.5 million. In last place is SpaceID (ID) with an entry of 788 thousand dollars.

What is the importance of smart money?

Smart coins are considered some of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable investors in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, paying attention to which tokens they buy can provide important information about the overall direction of the market. Smart money inflows over the last 24 hours are an indication of strong interest in some tokens on the Ethereum network. This may suggest that these tokens may have the potential to gain value in the future.

However, it is important to do your own research and consider the risks before making any investment decisions. The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile and you could lose your investments. Because, as we reported as, it is not possible to predict exactly how the tokens preferred by smart money will perform in the future. Based on the explanations of some experts, some of the main features of the tokens preferred by smart money are as follows:

  • High liquidity: Smart coins prefer tokens with high liquidity so that they can easily carry out their transactions.
  • Strong fundamentals: Smart coins prefer tokens with a solid project and a strong team.
  • Potential growth: Smart coins prefer tokens that have the potential to grow in value in the future.

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Revealed: Smart Money Buys UNI Coin and These 9 Cryptos!