Solana Whales Fill Their Baskets With These Meme Coins!


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Cryptocurrency markets have been volatile lately, influenced by tensions between Israel and Iran. Solana-based meme coins have attracted particular attention. Price drops during this period are seen as buying opportunities for some large whale accounts. At the same time, however, panic selling by other whales is also noticeable.

Movements of Solana Whales

Two major Solana whales have started aggressively collecting Solana-based meme coins such as SLERF, BOME, and BODEN. According to data from Lookonchain, one of these whales withdrew 32,000 SOL from the Kucoin exchange and bought BODEN for $300,000. The other withdrew $2.5 million SOL from Binance. He used some of this to buy $650,000 worth of BOME and $1.1 million worth of SLERF.

However, besides these buying whales, some panicked and sold on dips. According to data from Lookonchain, WIF, the largest meme coin on the Solana network, saw massive selling. The 4 whales, who sold a total of 12.4 million units of WIF, drew attention by selling at the lows during the dips.

Sales at Bottom Levels

In particular, 9WHHoq, BdvbXr, 85Abtu, and DpJGh2 wallets were among those who sold their WIF tokens on dips. These sales are still in effect despite the token‘s rapid recovery. Although the WIF token rose above $3 after yesterday’s rapid recovery, it fell to $ 2.7 this morning.

While Israeli-Iranian tensions cause fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets, Solana-based meme coins are also affected by these fluctuations. While the buying and selling moves of large whale accounts increase the mobility in the market, investors continue to follow this situation closely.

Investors should stay away from panic selling!

As the market crash affects all cryptocurrencies, panic selling, especially by small investors, attracts attention. Panic selling leads to losses for most users. Sales also cause prices to fall. Market fluctuations are experienced especially after conflicts between countries arising from geopolitical reasons.

According to, the Solana network has faced some bottlenecks due to the recent meme coin craze. However, the developers have released a new version to solve these problems. This update includes significant improvements that will make the network run more efficiently and enhance the user experience. Solana’s high interest in whales offers important clues about the token’s future.

The trust of large investors in Solana contributes to the growth and development of the ecosystem. This strengthens Solana’s position in the cryptocurrency market and attracts more investors in the future.

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Solana Whales Fill Their Baskets With These Meme Coins!