This Popular Altcoin Made a Critical Announcement: Token Rising!

Bu Popüler Altcoin Kritik Bir Duyuru Yaptı: Token Yükseliyor!
Bu Popüler Altcoin Kritik Bir Duyuru Yaptı: Token Yükseliyor!

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Worldcoin, founded by Sam Altman, announced its decision to extend the deadline for redeeming WLD Grant Bookings. This important announcement also provided a boost to the price of WLD, the native token of the altcoin project. Thus, the token crossed the $2 threshold today and is on its way up.

Worldcoin announced the extension of WLD grant reservations

In a recent announcement, the Worldcoin Foundation revealed that it has extended the deadline for WLD grant reservations by one year. Originally introduced to allow individuals without a verified World ID to reserve WLD tokens, this extension now allows reservations made between July 24, 2023 and July 31, 2024 to be valid until July 31, 2025.

Meanwhile, new bookings can also be made until July 31, 2024. According to the announcement, the move is in line with their mission to democratize access to the global economy and ensure widespread participation in their projects. Specifically, this extension aims to accommodate more participants in the altcoin project’s ecosystem. It also aims to enable them to benefit from the project’s initiatives without time constraints.

Worldcoin’s World Chain launch and Alchemy Pay partnership

The announcement, meanwhile, coincides with the Worldcoin Foundation introducing a developer preview of its upcoming Layer 2 (L2) network. This preview allows a select group of developers to explore and test World Chain’s capabilities ahead of its official main-net launch, expected this summer. For context, this initiative aims to gather feedback and optimize the network’s performance ahead of wider deployment.

As you’ve been following on, Worldcoin recently partnered with Alchemy Pay. This is a move designed to leverage Alchemy’s robust infrastructure and developer tools. This partnership is crucial to accelerate World Chain’s development, especially in the development of digital identity and Blockchain technology solutions.

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Altcoin price rises amid significant developments

Meanwhile, Worldcoin’s strategic moves underscore its commitment to advancing Blockchain innovation while expanding its user base and developer ecosystem. The extended deadline for WLD grant reservations aims to promote inclusivity and broaden participation, positioning Sam Altman’s firm for continued growth and impact in the evolving digital economy. As Worldcoin monitors these developments, stakeholders in the crypto community will be closely watching how these initiatives evolve and contribute to the broader adoption of Blockchain technology and digital assets.

Furthermore, the extension of the WLD grant booking period and the rollout of the L2 network preview mark important milestones in the journey towards building a more accessible and scalable Blockchain ecosystem. At the time of writing, the altcoin was trading at $2.05, up over 10% on the day. The token’s trading volume was also up 25.6% from yesterday to $207 million.

WLD daily price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

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This Popular Altcoin Made a Critical Announcement: Token Rising!