This Week is Busy for 42 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening!

Bu Hafta, 42 Altcoin İçin Yoğun: İşte Olacaklar!
Bu Hafta, 42 Altcoin İçin Yoğun: İşte Olacaklar!

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There’s a lot of news from the cryptocurrency world this week. Here are the latest developments in various altcoin projects…

There are critical developments for those altcoin projects

  • Stacks (STX): Stacks Nakamoto activation window opens; This is an important step for the integration of Bitcoin with smart contracts.
  • Everscale (EVER): A new WEVER token is issued to replace the old one due to suspicious activity.
  • Injective (INJ): Voting for INJ 3.0 has ended, but details have not been announced.
  • LTO Network (LTO): CEO Rick Schmitz hosts an AMA to discuss RWA (Real World Assets).
  • Vulcan Forged (PYR): CEO Jamie Thomson hosts a live AMA on the latest developments.
  • Zcash (ZEC): Maya Protocol discusses ZEC’s integration with Electric Coin Company.
O 3 Kripto Para İçin Dikkat: Satış Baskısı Gelebilir!
  • Balanced (BAL): Proposals to upgrade ArchUSDC and reallocate DAO assets were voted on.
  • Casper Network (CSPR): Developer calls are moving to Google Meet.
  • Starknet (STRK): Introduced a new artificial intelligence project with Gizatech at the Berlin meeting.
  • SingularityNET (AGIX): AGI Tech discusses LLMs and the Hyperon Alpha update in its Tuesday panel.
  • Numbers Protocol (NUM): A vote was held on opening controversial archive proposals.
  • Gnosis (GNO): Voted on potential investment in HOPR for GnosisVPN development.
  • Astar (ASTR): The community call covers Astar zkEVM and Polygon AggLayer integration in depth.
  • Oraichain (ORAI): Hosts an AMA to explore the ecosystem with DApps and partners.
  • Entangle (NGL): The main network is initialized with various functions.
  • Helium (HNT): Monthly community conversation takes place on Discord.
  • Synthetix Network (SNX): Discussing Synthetix V3, Perps V3, and L1 staking on Discord.
  • Syntropy (NOIA): Makes an announcement but details are missing.
  • ICON (ICX): Discusses the latest SimpleSwap listings and cross-chain swaps with BalancedDAO.
  • Balanced (BAL): Developer update released, but details are not available.
Halving Sonrası STX Coin ve Bu 2 Altcoin, Bitcoin’i Geçti!
  • Flux (FLUX): The FluxOS V5.4.0 update requires node operators to upgrade by a certain date.
  • BitMart lists ANDY ETH (ANDY), Pikamoon (PIKA), AirTor Protocol (ATOR), Apu Apustaja (APU), and BlackCardCoin (BCCOIN).
  • Bybit delisted altcoin MetaToken (MTK).
  • LBank lists the Father of the Meme: Origin (FOMO).
  • MEXC lists (BWLD).
  • BingX lists Pikamoon (PIKA).
  • Lists Playbux (PBUX) on Bybit and Bitget.
  • The World Blockchain Summit focuses on blockchain, crypto, metadata and Web 3.0 solutions.
  • Bitcoin Energy Summit addresses energy solutions and policies for sustainable crypto development.
  • World Web3 Consortium brings together Web3 and artificial intelligence integration.
Kurumsallar BTC ve ETH Satıyor: Gözler ADA Coin ve 4’ünde!
  • Money20/20 Asia offers opportunities to build connections and partnerships in the financial services industry.
  • Unconference Bali emphasizes networking and innovation.
  • The Cornell Blockchain Conference explores the potential of blockchain for an inclusive Web 3 future.
  • MetaToken (MTK) has been delisted from Bybit.
  • BitMart operates a buyback and burn program for the BMX token.
  • Radiant Capital confirmed progress on debt repayment.
  • Balanced liquidity pools need to be migrated due to a bug fix.
  • LightLink operates a Liquidity Boot Pool (LBP) for fair token distribution.
  • dYdX proposes to distribute DYDX tokens as part of Season 3 rewards.
  • Playbux hosts AMAs with KuCoin and Coinstore.
  • Octopus Network is transitioning to Omnity Network, focusing on the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Graph launches Sunbeam upgrade for decentralized data.

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This Week is Busy for 42 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening!