Those 3 Traders Made Fast Profits with Bitcoin and These 2 Altcoins!

O 3 Trader, Bitcoin ve Bu 2 Altcoin ile Hızlı Kazandı!
O 3 Trader, Bitcoin ve Bu 2 Altcoin ile Hızlı Kazandı!

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The Bitcoin and altcoin market has been experiencing rapid change and fluctuation in recent years. While this situation offers great profit opportunities for some investors, it also exposes others to risks. Recently, some remarkable success stories have emerged. These stories show that it is possible to make big profits in the crypto world with the right investment strategy and a little luck.

Bitcoin whale earned millions in a short time

A Bitcoin whale withdrew 767 Bitcoins (approximately $45.44 million) from the Coinbase exchange on May 3, as the Bitcoin price dropped to as low as $59,226. Bitcoin price started to recover over the weekend and started to rise again, with the impact of economic data from the USA on Friday being below expectations.

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The investor, who took the opportunity to see Bitcoin rise above 63 thousand dollars, transferred 767 Bitcoin to the Binance exchange at night. The value of these Bitcoins at the time of the transaction was $48.46 million. The wallet owner thus obtained approximately 3 million dollars in just a few days.

LDO investment brought 72 percent profit to altcoin trader

One investor purchased a total of 31.76 million LDOs between October 2022 and May 2023. The cost of this investment was approximately $1.36 (current price is $2.42). Nine hours ago, 2.6 million LDO was transferred to Coinbase, worth $5.1 million. If all LDOs had been sold, a profit of $1.54 million would have been made. The remaining 14.92 million tokens had a profit of $15.66 million, representing a return of 72%.

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$1.26 million from 60 SOL: 144 times profit

Another trader turned 60 SOL (about $8,673) into $1.26 million in 2 months, which means 144 times profit. On March 10, the trader purchased 24.8 million altcoin HAMMY using 60 SOL. The average price of HAMMY was $0.00035. About a month later, the price of HAMMY rose to $0.007 and the trader made over 20 times profit. But the trader continued to hold on to his profits instead of selling them.

By May 4, the trader had sold 12.8 million HAMMYs at an average price of $0.0313, netting 2,711 SOL (about $401,000). Trader still has 12 million HAMMY (worth $858,000). The total profit from the HAMMY transaction is approximately 1.25 million dollars. These stories show that fast and high returns are possible in the cryptocurrency market. But we should not forget that there are always risks. It is very important to do detailed research before investing and only invest as much money as you can afford to lose.

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Those 3 Traders Made Fast Profits with Bitcoin and These 2 Altcoins!