Turkish Crypto Influencer Commits Suicide After Crash!

Çöküş Sonrası Türk Kripto Fenomeni İntihar Etti!

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The declines in the cryptocurrency market in recent days have damaged the assets of many investors. Bill Munny, the famous Turkish crypto phenomenon with more than 30 thousand followers, allegedly ended his life. Munny shared on his Twitter account, “Good morning friends, yesterday was a damn day, I lost a lot, I wish everyone a very good past.”

Crypto phenomenon couldn’t take the loss anymore

33-year-old doctor G.Ö. committed suicide by putting his pistol to his head at a shooting range in Diyarbakır’s Kayapınar district. Medical and police teams arriving at the scene determined that Munny had passed away. Bill Munny’s body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute. Police said an investigation into the incident has begun.

After the night of April 12, when the Iran-Israel tension began, Crypto investor Bill Munny made the following post on his X account on the morning of April 13:

Iran-Israel tensions negatively affected the market

In recent days, the cryptocurrency market has been experiencing the biggest declines in a long time. Especially the Iran-Israel tension seems to have a negative impact on the market. While Bitcoin and Ethereum prices fell significantly, almost all altcoins lost value. It is thought that these fluctuations in the market had an impact on Munny’s suicide.

The news of Munny’s suicide caused surprise among crypto investors. In their comments on social media accounts, most investors think that Munny was so affected by the market declines that he took his own life. Some comments claim that Munny had lost all of his assets, so he was desperate.

Police launched a forensic investigation after the incident. No definitive statement has been made about Munny’s reasons for suicide. However, claims that the fluctuations in the crypto market triggered the suicide are gaining validity. We hope we will not face similar tragedies in the future.

The direction of the market after the incident remains a matter of curiosity

After Bill Munny’s suicide, investors continue to wait anxiously. With the Iran-Israel tensions, so to speak, the market bottomed out. The stock market, which is expected to give bullish signals before the Bitcoin halving, continues its horizontal course due to the tensions.

In addition, there were huge losses in futures trading on the night of the tension. Billions of dollars of transactions were liq. All investors once again focused on the impact of the agenda on the stock markets. After the tension, the stock markets started to move as the incident calmed down.

Despite the stock market decline due to FUD and FOMO after the Iran-Israel tension, the Bitcoin fear index is still hovering around 74 percent. As Bitcoin Halving approaches, it is expected that the cash flow to the market will accelerate and a bull period will be entered. We will see the state of the market after the Halving.

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Turkish Crypto Influencer Commits Suicide After Crash!