Watch Out for Those 29 Altcoins Today: Here’s The List!

Bugün O 23 Altcoin İçin Dikkat: İşte Olacaklar Listesi!
Bugün O 23 Altcoin İçin Dikkat: İşte Olacaklar Listesi!

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The Bitcoin and altcoin space witnessed intense activity on April 17, 2024. The cryptocurrency world has had a busy day in terms of exchanges, developments and community events. Omni Network rose to the top by being listed on 8 different exchanges, while HULVIN, EGONCoin, Nuklai, NEKO, bitFloki, VibingCatToken and others were added to new exchanges. Projects such as Cronos Network, Band Protocol, SingularityNET and BIFROST came to the fore with updates and developments. Reserve Rights, DAO Maker, MultiversX and Manta Network hosted management and community-focused events. Other projects such as Stargate Finance, Blendr Network, and Pundi X NEM have also made major announcements. NAB Show brought together the leading names of the cryptocurrency world.

Today is critical for altcoin projects

  • Omni Network (OMNI) has been the star of the show and will be listed on eight exchanges: Binance (first listing), BitMart, KuCoin,, LBank, MEXC, DigiFinex and Bitget.
  • Other notable listings include HULVIN (MEXC), EGONCoin (MEXC), Nuklai (MEXC), NEKO (MEXC), bitFloki (AscendEX), VibingCatToken (LBank), xExchange (AscendEX), Trio (Ordinals) (MEXC), Lynex (BingX ), PlayDapp (WazirX), Brett (DigiFinex), Sharky (CoinEx) and AIBOT (MEXC).
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  • Cronos Network has undergone a v1.2 upgrade aimed at improving backward compatibility for developers.
  • Band Protocol announced integration with Coreum, which simplifies the use of Real World Assets (RWAs) for Enterprise applications.
  • SingularityNET has joined forces with Minswap Labs to support DeFi on Cardano.
  • BIFROST introduced BTCFi, a new decentralized, over-collateralized stablecoin.
  • Reserve Rights hosted a bi-weekly governance discussion.
  • DAO Maker held a public launch and DAO tour for RTFight, the first SocialFi boxing app.
  • MultiversX (EGLD) has continued its ongoing Staking Phase 4 proposal voting.
  • Manta Network called for a vote on the distribution of 3 million tokens for Liquidity Reward Tokens (LRTs).
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  • Many other projects, including Aavegotchi, BadgerDAO,, and Lyra Finance, have had votes or discussions regarding governance or protocol development.
  • There were also AMAs with Arcade (KuCoin), Galxe (Twitter Space), Vim (, and Huhu Cat (CoinEx).
  • Stargate Finance hosted a discussion about upcoming Stargate V2 offerings.
  • Blendr Network has launched staking for $Blendr tokens.
  • Pundi X NEM integrated the Solana blockchain, enabling USDT payments via XPOS.
  • NAB Show, the world’s largest advanced technologies market, took place.

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Watch Out for Those 29 Altcoins Today: Here’s The List!