Analysts: Watch These 3 Cryptocurrencies Closely! Here’s Why

Analysts: Watch These 3 Cryptocurrencies Closely! Here's Why
Analysts: Watch These 3 Cryptocurrencies Closely! Here's Why

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The cryptocurrency market entered a period of consolidation after the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event. Although initial optimism fueled the pre-halving rally, the market failed to sustain these gains, causing investors to question the short-term trajectory of leading crypto assets.

Bitcoin: Will the rally narrative continue in the leading cryptocurrency?

According to Finbold analysts, Bitcoin (BTC), the undisputed king of crypto money, continues to be the focus. The latest halving, designed to slow the creation of new coins and potentially allow prices to appreciate, has yet to trigger the expected surge. Instead, Bitcoin experienced a correction, falling below the critical $65,000 level. This post-halving pullback softened expectations and increased concerns about Bitcoin’s near future.

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Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East add a new layer of uncertainty. Investors will closely monitor how Bitcoin responds to these developing headwinds next week. An important support level to watch is $60,000. Analysts warn that a drop below this point could trigger further downward pressure. Bitcoin’s ability to recover, gain momentum, and hold above $60,000 will likely set the tone for broader market sentiment. As of the moment the article was published, Bitcoin is trading at $63,606, down approximately 2% in the last 24 hours.

Solana: Offering resilience amid network challenge

Solana (SOL), one of the leading players in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, continues to be an asset to keep a close eye on. Despite the significant rise in recent months, Solana is not immune from the recent market-wide sell-off. The price dropped near $130 before recovering until it hovered around $140. This resilience in the face of a bearish market is remarkable.

However, technical difficulties continue to plague the Solana network, according to analysts. Transaction failure rates remain high; As of April 19, approximately 71% of transactions that do not require a vote fail. Although the Solana development team recently released a network fix (v1.18.11) to address congestion, it is too early to determine its long-term effectiveness. SOL is currently trading at $141, reflecting the over 7% price correction from last week.

Celestia: A silver lining?

Celestia (TIA) stands out from the crowd. This unique cryptocurrency powers a modular network that facilitates easy deployment of individual blockchains. Contrary to the broader market trend, TIA maintained a positive trajectory even during the last crisis. This upward momentum began with the launch of Celestia’s mainnet beta in late 2023, marking a significant step towards a modular blockchain future. Its listing on major exchange Binance probably also contributed to the increase in value.

According to analysts, the key question surrounding Celestia going forward is whether it can sustain its upward trend. At the time of writing, TIA is trading at $11.29, up nearly 3% in the last 24 hours and over 15% in the past week.

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Analysts: Watch These 3 Cryptocurrencies Closely! Here’s Why