New Week Is Busy For Those 35 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening!

Yeni Hafta, O 35 Altcoin İçin Yoğun: İşte Olacakların Listesi!
Yeni Hafta, O 35 Altcoin İçin Yoğun: İşte Olacakların Listesi!

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The coming weeks are full of exciting developments in the cryptocurrency world. From altcoin launches and upgrades to industry conferences and community events, there’s something for everyone. Here are the important events of this week…

The new week is critical for that altcoin

  • On April 15, Parex (PRX) celebrates the launch of the mainnet, marking an important milestone for the project.
  • On April 15 – 29, Stacks (STX) will undergo the Nakamoto upgrade, increasing the security and functionality of the network.
  • On April 15, SmarDex (SDEX) held its first token halving, reducing the overall token supply and potentially affecting its price.
  • On April 15, Theta Network (THETA) is moving Video API accounts and data to EdgeCloud, marking a move towards a decentralized edge computing platform.
  • On April 17, the Cronos network is undergoing the v1.2 upgrade, which aims to improve backward compatibility for developers.
  • On April 20, Bitcoin (BTC) will undergo its highly anticipated halving, which will halve the mining reward and potentially impact the price.
  • As reported as, on April 15, WIFLAMA COIN (BitMart), HotKeySwap (MEXC), Merlin’s Seal BTC (, Biceps (BitMart), Wecan (MEXC), AllToScan (MEXC) Megalink (MEXC), Many tokens have been listed on major exchanges, including Octavia (BitMart) and Arker (MEXC).
  • On April 15 – 16, EstateX is holding its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) with a private round, OFE round and a public round to be announced later.
  • April 15 (or earlier): Xpense (XPE) plans a token burn.
  • On April 16, MovieBloc (MBL) secures listing on
  • On April 16 – 17, Pundi
  • On April 17, Binance may list Omni Network (OMNI) but no further details are available.
  • On April 17, VibingCatToken (VCT) secured listing on LBank.
  • On April 17, altcoin xExchange (MEX) secured listing on AscendEX.
  • On April 17, EgonCoin (EGON) secured listing on MEXC.
  • On April 19, BRN Metaverse (BRN) is preparing for a massive 90% token burn.
  • On April 15 and 16, Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai brings together the global crypto community.
  • The Digital Assets Forum, hosted by the European Blockchain Convention on April 15, brings together key institutional players.
  • Many altcoins are holding question and answer events (AMAs): OpSec (at X Spaces), Saga (AMA with Bitget), Maya Protocol, and ShentuChain (announced partnership with Lysithea Ventures) will be holding AMAs.
  • On April 2 – 16, SingularityNET (AGIX) is holding a community management vote on the formation of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance.
  • On April 9 – 16, Alchemix USD (ALUSD) is seeking community approval for its 150k Arb distribution proposal.
  • On April 9 – 16, Pundi
  • On April 12 – 17, (FET) and another project will hold a DEX financing vote on the Mettalex proposal.
  • On April 12 – 19, Balancer (DLP) and another project are voting on management proposals.
  • On April 12 – 19, Gnosis (GNO) is holding a vote on updating the ENS parser.
  • TOKEN2049 Dubai on 18 – 19 April unites the global Web3 industry by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, developers and industry leaders.

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New Week Is Busy For Those 35 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening!