Whale Bought LINK and These 15 Coins from Binance!

Balina Binance'den LINK ve Bu 15 Coini Aldı!
Balina Binance'den LINK ve Bu 15 Coini Aldı!

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With Iran’s involvement in the Israel-Palestine tension over the weekend, there was a decline in Bitcoin (BTC), LINK AND altcoins. While this decline caused losses for some people, it opened the door to new opportunities for many investors.

A whale who wanted to turn this decline into an opportunity bought 16 altcoins worth 17.43 million dollars from Binance. Lookonchain has a new wallet from Binance “Avalanche (AVAX), FET, GRT, Polygon (MATIC), OP, RNDR, DOT, FTM, Chainlink (LINK), Dogecoin (DOGE), PENDLE, GALA, GHST, AEVO, He shared that he purchased DYDX and PEPE.

Balina most preferred AVAX, FET, GRT, MATIC, OP, RNDR, DOT, FTM and LINK.

Other altcoins bought by Whale are as follows:

“48,922 AVAX (worth $1.86 million)
621,003 FET (worth $1.45 million)
5.14 million GRT (valued at $1.44 million)
1.9 million MATIC (worth $1.41 million)
OP 532,444 (valued at $1.29 million)
135,751 RNDR (worth $1.26 million)
174,421 DOT (valued at $1.23 million)
1.6 million FTM (worth $1.15 million)
68,598 LINK (worth $993K)
5.3 million DOGE (worth $851 thousand)
115,427 PENDLE (worth $802 thousand)
17.49 million GALA (worth $779 thousand)
410,819 GHST (worth $767k)
409,826 AEVO (worth $728K)
326,926 DYDX (worth $719k)
124.6 billion PEPE (worth 681 thousand dollars)”

Shiba Inu has taken a very important step!

650,000,000 SHIBs were sent to the burning address, making it the biggest burning of the last month. Despite the silence, the Shiba Inu community continued the burning campaign and made occasional contributions to help support its deflationary trend. As a result, Community members and ecosystem projects continued to send millions of SHIB to the dead wallet.

However, SHIB recently carried out one of the largest cremations in recent times, which caused an increase in the cremation rate. Apparently, an unknown wallet sent 650 million Shiba Inu to the cremation address at 01:31(UTC) yesterday.

The burning process had a positive impact on SHIB!

During trading, the Shiba Inu price reached $0.000021 after recovering from the monthly low of $0.00001830 on April 13. The 650 million SHIB was valued at $13,650, making it the largest single Shiba Inu cremation in more than a month. A larger burning operation was last carried out on March 9, when more than 3.8 billion SHIBs were burned. Despite continuous efforts, the community has never witnessed an incineration of up to half a billion SHIB.

Such major burns are often carried out by community-driven projects looking to support campaigns. The Crypto Basic found no connection between the wallet responsible for the burn and any community projects.

However, the data confirmed that the wallet belonged to an investor who had been interacting with SHIB since last August. The wallet owner made a burning for the first time. He currently holds 81 million SHIB in his wallet.

SHIB continued its burning campaign!
After the last incineration, the total amount incinerated is 410,725,564,269,356 (410.725 trillion) SHIB. According to data from community-supported cremation tracker Shibburn, the total supply of Shiba Inu is currently 589,274,435,730,643 (589.274 trillion), of which 582.8 trillion are in circulation. Most of the recent burns have come from Shibarium. While the layer-2 network continues to support the campaign, the last Shibarium-supported burn took place last month and 13.4 billion tokens were burned on March 9.

After 13.4 billion burns of Shibarium, the burns caused by Shibarium increased to 56 billion. We should point out that Shibarium-supported burnings are done manually. The development team will switch to an automated incineration system.

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Whale Bought LINK and These 15 Coins from Binance!