Whales Dump These 4 Altcoins at a Loss: OP Coin Included!

Balinalar Bu 4 Altcoin’i Zararına Satıyor: OP Coin de Var!
Balinalar Bu 4 Altcoin’i Zararına Satıyor: OP Coin de Var!

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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing volatility on May 11th due to large-scale whale investor sales and Justin Sun’s USDC investment. These events highlight the volatile nature of the market and the trends that investors need to watch closely. According to Lookonchain’s tracking platform, a large whale lost approximately $8.43 million by selling all of its Ethereum (ETH), Optimism (OP coin), and Arbitrum (ARB) positions in the last hour. This sudden sale has led to speculation in the market and increased investor concerns about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

Whales Dumps OP Coin, ETH, and ARB

A large whale investor tracked by on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain made an interesting move. It came to the agenda with a move that caused fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market on May 11th. Because the whale liquidated all its holdings in Ethereum (ETH), Optimism (OP) and Arbitrum (ARB). Moreover, it caused significant losses with this sale. The whale’s aggressive selling in the last hour resulted in the dumping of a total of 6,714 ETH (approximately $19.5 million at current prices), 428,047 OP (approximately $1.06 million), and 901,685 ARB (approximately $882,000).

Whale Loses $8.43 Million

However, the fire sale had a high cost as the whale reportedly lost a staggering $8.43 million on its ETH, OP, and ARB positions. The breakdown of losses reveals that the whale took the biggest hit from its ETH holdings. By selling 6,714 ETH at $2,903 per token, it missed out on a potential price of $3,350. This resulted in a loss of approximately $6.45 million. The whale’s OP and ARB sales also resulted in significant losses, with $902,000 and $1.08 million in losses, respectively.

The reasons behind the whale’s sudden sell-off remain unclear, but the move has sparked speculation within the crypto community. Some analysts suggest that the whale anticipates further market downturns, which could lead them to exit volatile positions and move into more stable assets. Others suggest that the whale may be rebalancing its portfolio or may be reacting to specific news or developments that have not yet been made public.

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TRON Founder’s Sale Also Attracts Attention

However, the whale’s actions were not the only notable activity in the crypto market today. According to Ember’s on-chain data, prominent crypto figure Justin Sun is reported to have transferred 24.23 million Tether (USDT) to the Huobi Token (HTX) exchange in the past 30 minutes. The transfers, which came from two separate addresses, raised questions about Sun’s intentions. Some think he may be preparing for a potential HTX price increase, while others believe he may be using the exchange for further investment or trading activities.

Combined events like the whale’s large-scale sale and Justin Sun’s large HTX transfer highlight the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. While the reasons behind these actions are not fully understood, they serve as a reminder of the potential for constant flux and volatility within the crypto ecosystem.

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Whales Dump These 4 Altcoins at a Loss: OP Coin Included!