Whales Sell WIF Coin and These 2 Altcoins and Buy This One!

Balinalar, WIF Coin ve Bu 2 Altcoin’i Satıyor, Bunu ise Alıyor!
Balinalar, WIF Coin ve Bu 2 Altcoin’i Satıyor, Bunu ise Alıyor!

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The cryptocurrency market has been hit hard by a sharp sell-off. Bitcoin, the leading crypto, fell as low as $61,000, while the rest of the market is taking a blood bath. In this environment, crypto whales increased their activity. While whales sell WIF Coin and 2 tokens, Justin Sun continues to accumulate ETH.

Whales are working on WIF Coin and these 3 altcoins!

A giant whale transferred a large amount of SHIB to Binance

A whale recently transferred $18.34 million worth of SHIB to Binance, according to on-chain monitor Ember. According to on-chain records, the address bought this SHIB during the market bottom period from November to December last year. Hence, it is estimated that the whale has already made a profit of $8.12 million.

A whale made a record loss from trading WIF Coin!

According to on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain, a whale recently sold $3.77 million worth of WIF Coins. This whale lost $2.71 million as a result of the trades. The address traded WIF Coin twice and lost money each time. In total, this whale lost $4.63 million, according to Lookonchain.

The whale bought 2.05 million WIF Coins ($7.96 million) on April 8 at $3.88. However, he sold them on May 7 and 8 at $2.95, losing $1.92 million. Then from May 16 to May 20, he bought 2.34 million WIF Coins ($6.48 million) at $2.77. Now he sold this pile 3 hours ago at $1.61, losing $2.71 million.

The whale made a profit of $2.9 million by front-running the WATER token!

According to Lookonchain tracking, a specific address spent 16,900 SOL ($2.1 million) to pre-acquire 612 million WATER tokens (accounting for 22.71% of WATER in the pool) in the same block where the dealer added liquidity. The whale then sold all the WATER tokens at a price of 39,279 SOL ($5 million). Thus, he made a profit of 22,379 SOL (2.9 million dollars). Moreover, this process took less than 20 minutes.

Justin Sun continues to withdraw ETH on Binance!

As you have been following on Kriptokoin.com, TRON founder Justin Sun is among the prominent crypto whales. A wallet believed to belong to Sun has been withdrawing a significant amount of Ethereum (ETH) from Binance over the past three days, sparking speculation in the cryptocurrency community. The wallet withdrew 13,967 ETH from Binance in a series of transactions. This significant amount, totaling approximately $48.8 million, was withdrawn at an average price of $3,494 per ETH over the last 3 days. The most recent withdrawal occurred 8 hours ago and involved 4,629 ETH worth $16.07 million at a price of $3,472 per ETH. This move is part of a broader pattern of significant asset movements by the same wallet.

Three days ago, two large withdrawals were made from the same wallet. The first transaction involved 4,338 ETH worth a total of $15,837 million, with a price per ETH of around $3,421. Shortly after, a second transaction moved 5,000 ETH worth a total of $17.102 million. This time, a similar price per ETH was about $3,420.

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Whales Sell WIF Coin and These 2 Altcoins and Buy This One!