Whales Selling PEPE Coin and These 3 Cryptos Are Buying Those 2 Coins!

PEPE Coin ve Bu 3 Kriptoyu Satan Balinalar, O 2 Coini Alıyor!
PEPE Coin ve Bu 3 Kriptoyu Satan Balinalar, O 2 Coini Alıyor!

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While the cryptocurrency market is having an active day today, the transactions of large investors continue to direct the market. Transactions for cryptocurrencies such as PEPE coin, detected by on-chain data analysts and on-chain tracking platforms, give clues about which assets investors are interested in and how they manage their holdings.

Giant companies took action

Well-known cryptocurrency trading company GSR Markets revealed its investment appetite today. According to the findings of on-chain data analyst @ai_9684xtpa, GSR deposited 3.5 million Ondo Finance (ONDO) tokens to the Bybit exchange. This amount corresponds to approximately 4.27 million US dollars. GSR has accumulated a total of 9 million ONDO since February at an average price as low as $0.5718. If all the deposited tokens are sold today, GSR is expected to make a profit of $2.26 million from this investment. The company currently holds 3.5 million ONDO tokens.

GSR also invested in the Binance exchange. According to data from tracking platform The Data Nerd, GSR transferred 1.4 million Arbitrum (ARB) tokens worth approximately $1.28 million to Binance a few hours ago. An interesting move by GSR was the withdrawal of 4 million Pirate Chain (PIRATE) tokens from the Bybit exchange. This withdrawal was recorded as GSR’s first investment in the PIRATE token.

Amber Group is offloading its assets

While GSR was investing, another cryptocurrency trading giant, Amber Group, decided to waste its assets. According to the findings of on-chain data analyst Yu Jin, Amber Group withdrew a total of 987,000 Uniswap (UNI) tokens from Binance and Gate.io exchanges in the last 2 hours. The cost of this withdrawal is approximately 10.36 million US dollars.

Data from the Lookonchain platform also confirms that addresses associated with Amber Group have exited the Binance exchange. According to Lookonchain’s findings, 987,000 UNI tokens (approximately $10.6 million) and 2,638 Ethereum (ETH) (approximately $9.2 million) were withdrawn from the addresses in question in the last 3 hours.

Other notable transactions: There is also PEPE coin

There were significant movements in the cryptocurrency market today, apart from the transactions of GSR and Amber Group. According to the findings of the Lookonchain platform, a $PEPE investor sold all his $PEPE assets at a loss. This investor purchased 114.7 billion $PEPE tokens in mid-May at an average price of $0.000011. When the price of the token reached $0.000017 at the end of May, the investor missed the opportunity to make a profit. Later, the price of $PEPE decreased and fell below the investor’s cost. As a result, the investor exited the market by selling all his $PEPE holdings for 366.5 Ethereum (approximately $1.27 million).

In another move, a $BEER investor was seen making a profit. This investor, who received 8.89 billion $BEER tokens from the $BEER team’s fund allocation wallet but did not participate in the pre-sale, made a total profit of $1.3 million by selling some of his assets. The investor exchanged some of his profit for another token, $BONK.

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Whales Selling PEPE Coin and These 3 Cryptos Are Buying Those 2 Coins!