DEGEN, WLD Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Important Hot News!

DEGEN, WLD Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Important Hot News!
DEGEN, WLD Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Important Hot News!

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Worldcoin (WLD Coin) announced the open-sourcing of a new secure multiparty computing (SMPC) system. The IOTA Foundation announced that the IOTA 2.0 public test-net is officially live. Binance-backed pSTAKE Finance launches Bitcoin liquid staking solution. And more…

Important news from WLD Coin and 5 altcoins!

Worldcoin (WLD Coin) launches resource-secure multilateral computing system

The Worldcoin Foundation (WLD Coin) has announced the open source of a new secure multiparty computing (SMPC) system. The system aims to set a new standard for data protection, especially the protection of biometric data. It will now be open-sourced in the Github repository. Thus, it will be possible for any organization to use it. Worldcoin (WLD Coin) also announced that after migrating the iris code to the new SMPC system, the previous uniqueness check system (including the iris code) has been securely deleted.

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Worldcoin and technicians from TACEO and Tools for Humanity successfully designed a new implementation of SMPC. Thus, solving the scale and cost limitations that had previously hampered others. The new SMPC system will encrypt the iris code into a secret share held by multiple parties. This allows Worldcoin (WLD Coin) to permanently erase the iris code generated by the previous uniqueness check system.

IOTA 2.0 is now live on test-net

The IOTA Foundation has announced that the IOTA 2.0 public test-net is officially live. This upgrade replaces the old coordinator-driven system with a decentralized PoS consensus mechanism, while eliminating traditional PoW. Thus, it greatly improves the scalability of the network and reduces the environmental impact.

Anchorage Digital launches DYDX staking service

Cryptocurrency custody platform Anchorage Digital has announced support for DYDX native token staking. Institutional users can now securely store their DYDX tokens through Anchorage Digital. They will also be able to receive staking rewards distributed by the dYdX protocol in USDC.

Anchorage Digital provides crypto asset custody, staking and other services to top clients in traditional finance and DeFi, and is the only federally authorized digital asset bank in the United States. The platform has supported the ethDYDX custody service since the launch of the dYdX main-net in August 2021. It also launched native DYDX custody services with the launch of dYdX Chain in the fourth quarter of last year. The launch of staking support marks an important step for the platform in encouraging secure institutional participation in the dYdX ecosystem.

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pSTAKE Finance launches Bitcoin liquid staking solution

Binance Labs-backed liquid staking protocol pStAKE Finance has introduced its liquid staking solution for Bitcoin, the latest development for Bitcoin-specific decentralized finance (DeFi). pSTAKE Finance’s solution on Babylon’s Bitcoin staking protocol aims to simplify the Bitcoin staking process. It also aims to provide additional yield generation opportunities for Bitcoin holders.

Circle plans to relocate to the US ahead of possible IPO

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle is planning to shift its legal base from Ireland to the United States. A Circle spokesperson confirmed that Circle’s parent company recently filed the necessary paperwork with the High Court of the Republic of Ireland to rename the firm. However, the reason for this move remains unclear. Bloomberg first reported the news on Wednesday. A potential initial public offering for Circle could be among the reasons that make the move otherwise unattractive, especially given the US’ higher tax burden compared to Ireland’s relatively low corporate tax rates.

Degen Chain is back live after a two-day hiatus

Degen Chain, an Ethereum layer-3 blockchain dedicated to meme coins, experienced a two-day outage. After this long period, the blockchain is back online. As you have been following on, the blockchain had been unavailable since it effectively shut down at 23:15 on May 12. For more than 50 hours, it was unable to validate transactions or generate new blocks.

The protocol is based on Conduit, a rollup infrastructure platform for technical framework and operational support, especially for managing transactions and data availability. Rollups process transactions off-chain, then package and send them to Ethereum. This increases speed and reduces costs. Degen Chain functions as a layer 3 blockchain using Conduit. It also manages to handle high transaction volumes.

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DEGEN, WLD Coin and These 4 Altcoins Have Important Hot News!