XRP Coin and These 5 Cryptos Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!

XRP Coin and These 5 Cryptos Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!
XRP Coin and These 5 Cryptos Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!

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Jito has become the largest protocol on Solana in terms of TVL. friend.tech will soon release V2 and airdrop. RippleX (XRP Coin) highlights its game-changing native lending protocol offering. And more…

News from JTO, XRP Coin and 4 altcoins!

Jito becomes the largest protocol in Solana with record TVL

Liquid staking and the MEV infrastructure project Jito reached a total locked value of $1.4 billion. Thus, it has become the largest protocol on Solana. According to DeFiLlama data, equivalent to approximately 10 million SOLs, Jito accounts for about 38% of the Solana ecosystem’s $3.7 billion TVL. Staking protocol Marinade ranks second with a TVL of $1.37 billion. Kamino, Raydium and Marginfi follow with $1 billion, $613 million and $424 million respectively.

In the overall liquid staking market, Jito has 3% of the $45.5 billion TVL. Thus, it ranks in the top five among all Blockchains. Lido dominates this space with $27.6 billion. Rocket Pool, Binance and Mantle follow with $3.6 billion, $2.6 billion and $1.4 billion respectively.

Kripto Para Protokolü Fonları Kaptı: Filecoin’in Jito’su Olacak!

friend.tech to release V2 and airdrop on May 3rd

Decentralized social media platform friend.tech is preparing to release its V2 version and airdrop on May 3rd. However, a leaked smart contract showed that it may have controversial features, including Non-Fungible-Tokens. This means that airdrop buyers will not be able to sell or trade tokens outside of certain whitelisted protocol addresses. Friend.tech’s reason for making the token non-transferable is likely to ensure that users pay a 1.5% fee.

Crypto researcher CBBOFE said, “The token is called POINT. Also, it’s not possible to transfer it unless it’s to some whitelisted address. POINT will be traded on BunnySwap (friend.tech local DEX).”

XRP Ledger (XRP Coin) sets new standard for the lending giant

RippleX highlights game-changing native lending protocol proposal. In this vein, RippleX (XRP Coin) developers have unveiled a game-changing proposal that aims to introduce a native lending protocol, codenamed XLS-66d. The new proposal paves the way for the implementation of a groundbreaking lending protocol directly on the XRP Ledger. This aims to revolutionize how lending takes place on the Blockchain.

The proposal establishes mechanisms for fixed-term, interest-accruing loans in on-chain collateral-free collective funds. This strategy uses off-chain debt and risk management as well as a First Loss Capital protection scheme. Thus, it secures the protocol.

SHIB whale trades surged 165% in the last 24 hours

Shiba Inu, meanwhile, surged 165% in the on-chain fundamental benchmark as the whales took control. According to data from IntoTheBlock, the volume of major transactions involving SHIB increased from 3.73 trillion SHIB to 6.18 trillion SHIB. In monetary terms, this change represents an increase in trading volume from $82.69 million to $138.2 million. The so-called whales, the big players in the crypto market, had a total of 241 transactions in the past day. It is important to consider only transactions with a size of at least $ 100,000.

XRP Coin
Source: IntoTheBlock

TRALA receives strategic investment from Animoca Brands

Web3 gaming platform TRALA receives strategic investment from Animoca Brands. TRALA is a subsidiary of Joycity, a listed gaming company in South Korea. After receiving investment from Animoca Brands, the two parties will cooperate in the global Web3 GameFi space. TRALA LAB plans to focus on building a long-term sustainable gaming platform. It also aims to access a number of AAA-level global gaming IP on zkSync.

Mitosis completes $7 million financing

Meanwhile, L1 Blockchain Mitosis announced the completion of a $7 million funding round led by Amber Group and Foresight Ventures with participation from Big Brain Holdings, Folius Ventures, Citizen X, GSR, etc. Mitosis proposed a new ecosystem-owned liquidity (EOL) concept suitable for the upcoming multi-chain DeFi.

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XRP Coin and These 5 Cryptos Have Hot News, Including Airdrops!