Pay Attention to These Developments for Those 27 Altcoins!

Yoğun Gün: O Altcoin İçin Bu Gelişmelere Dikkat!
Yoğun Gün: O Altcoin İçin Bu Gelişmelere Dikkat!

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Second day of the new week; It has been a process where exchange listings, DAO votes, industry conferences and community events have taken center stage. Crypto exchange listings especially attracted attention. Several tokens have secured new listings on major exchanges such as MEXC, BitMart and Bybit. Some of the notable listings were (SHARK), Spectra Chain (SPCT), Kinka (XNK), and MovieBloc (MBL). MEXC, in particular, listed a staggering eight tokens on April 16 alone. Here are the latest developments regarding various altcoin projects…

Watch out for those altcoin projects today

  • (SHARK), Spectra Chain (SPCT), Kinka (XNK) and MovieBloc (MBL) are listed on MEXC.
  • Alchemix USD (ALUSD), dogwifsaudihat (WIFSA), Sedra Coin (SDR) and Ethernity Chain (ERN) are listed on MEXC.
  • Zeus Network (ZEUS), Artrade (ATR), Genesys (GSYS), and Textopia (TXT) are listed on BitMart.
  • Kelp Earned Points (KEP), LUBE (LUBE), SHOOT (SHOOT) and Huralya (LYA) were listed on MEXC.
  • Railgun (RAIL) was listed on BitMart.
  • The SingularityNET (AGIX) community voted to establish the Artificial Intelligence Alliance.
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  • The (FET) community voted on Mettalex’s proposal to receive funding from Community Pool funds for P2P AI-based DEX development.
  • The Pundi X OLD community voted on Kronos’ $800M $PURSE loan request proposal.
  • Alchemix’s proposal to distribute 150k Arb to investors and LPs over 12 weeks was voted on in the Arbitrum Grant Vote.
  • The altcoin MultiversX (EGLD) community voted on the Staking V4 Proposal.
  • The Balancer (BAL) community voted on Proposal RFP-33.
  • The Gnosis (GNO) community voted on the GIP-90 Proposal.
  • Blockchain Life 2024 brought together the global crypto community in Dubai.
  • DeSci Summit Dubai discussed the transformative potential of Decentralized Science.
  • The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show showcased technological advances important to the future of blockchain, such as generative AI.

What is the latest situation in the market?

There have been difficult days for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency, which was hovering above $70,000 on Friday, fell sharply the same day following the Fed’s latest statements on interest rate policy. Bitcoin fell to $65,000 but recovered by nearly two thousand dollars by Saturday morning. However, on Saturday evening, after Iran launched a retaliatory attack on Israel, the scenario was repeated with an even more severe decline. Bitcoin fell to its weekly low of around $61,000. It recovered on Sunday and Monday and rose again to around $67,000.

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However, as reported, the bear market seems to prevail just a few days before the halving. Another decline occurred earlier today. This time Bitcoin fell below $62,000. Market value approximately 50 billion.

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Pay Attention to These Developments for Those 27 Altcoins!