Binance Announces 54th Launchpool Project: Here are the List Details…

Binance Announces 54th Launchpool Project: Here are the List Details…
Binance Announces 54th Launchpool Project: Here are the List Details…

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The cryptocurrency market is struggling to regain strength. Bitcoin, the leading crypto, has bounced back from the critical $60,000 mark and is on the rise. However, the bullish moves of both Bitcoin and altcoins remain weak. In this negative atmosphere, leading crypto exchange Binance announced its 54th Launchpool project.

Binance launches 54th new coin mining project

Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has selected Notcoin (NOT) for its 54th new coin mining project. In this regard, it opened the door for users to mine Notcoin (NOT) using BNB and FDUSD. Users can put BNB and FDUSD into the NOT mining pool on the Launchpool website after May 13 at 03:00 P.M. PT to obtain NOT rewards, and NOT can be mined for a total of 3 days. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency exchange made the following announcement:

Dear Binanceers, Binance is excited to announce the 54th project on Binance Launchpool. Notcoin (NOT) is a community token that engages users on the web3 through a tap-to-earn mining mechanic. It is estimated that the webpage will be available within 24 hours before Launchpool launches. Users will be able to deposit their BNB and FDUSD into separate pools to collect NOT tokens for three days starting at 03:00 on May 13th.

Binance will list Notcoin (NOT) on May 16 at 15:00 PT. The exchange will also open the NOT/BTC, NOT/USDT, NOT/BNB, NOT/FDUSD and NOT/TRY trading markets. Meanwhile, the crypto exchange stated that ‘seed’ tag trading rules will apply to NOT.

Crypto exchange flatly denies WSJ allegations!

As you have been following on, The Wall Street Journal made some allegations about Binance today. However, the exchange flatly denied the allegations that it allows market manipulation on its platform. The accusation, obtained from insider and internal documents, suggested that Binance Holdings Ltd. allowed some users to engage in market manipulation.

Binance, SOL Coin ve Bu 15’i İçin Duyuru Yaptı!

However, the giant cryptocurrency exchange categorically denied these accusations. It also emphasized its commitment to maintaining strict market surveillance protocols. Over the past three years, Binance has taken decisive steps against market abuse by removing approximately 355,000 users with a collective trading volume of over $2.5 trillion from the market for violating its terms of use. Competition among market makers is intense. Moreover, Binance’s investigation team maintains impartiality by analyzing evidence without bias, even in the face of allegations from market makers. The overall goal is to promote healthy competition and protect users from any form of market manipulation.

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Binance Announces 54th Launchpool Project: Here are the List Details…