Bitcoin Prediction from Billionaires: These Levels!

Milyarder İsimlerden Bitcoin Tahmini: Bu Şaşırtıcı Seviyeler!
Milyarder İsimlerden Bitcoin Tahmini: Bu Şaşırtıcı Seviyeler!

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The Bitcoin world is entering an exciting turn with the halving event. This halving halved the difficulty and therefore the reward of Bitcoin mining. Halving is a mechanism that will increase the value of Bitcoin by reducing supply and keeping inflation in check. This situation sparks heated debate among investors and experts. Billionaire investors Mark Cuban and Tim Draper offer different perspectives on the future of Bitcoin halving. Here is Bitcoin prediction from billionaires

Mark Cuban focuses on artificial intelligence and its impact on the GPU market

Cuban says that halving means miners will earn less Bitcoin, and he is curious about its relationship with the artificial intelligence industry. Miners need powerful GPUs to produce Bitcoin, creating a resource that is also in high demand in the field of artificial intelligence. Cuban questions whether the halving will disrupt the economics of mining and whether it would be more profitable for miners to use GPUs to train AI models.

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Cuban states that some miners are trying to switch to artificial intelligence, but it is not easy and infrastructure costs are high. He emphasizes that mining is a linear business, while AI relies on customers, so the transition is challenging.

$10 million Bitcoin prediction from Tim Draper

Early Bitcoin investor Tim Draper believes Bitcoin‘s potential is much higher and could rise as high as $10 million. Draper points out that as Bitcoin becomes widespread and can be used in daily shopping, its value will increase and will exceed $ 250,000 very soon. Draper argues that Bitcoin’s limited supply and value will increase exponentially in the face of increasing demand.

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He believes that critical mass adoption will push Bitcoin’s value upwards and generate huge returns for investors. Although Mark Cuban and Tim Draper have different views on the future of Bitcoin, they both recognize that the halving is a significant event and will affect the value of Bitcoin. Time will tell what impact the halving will have on the mining and artificial intelligence industries and how much the price of Bitcoin will rise.

Meanwhile, short-term speaking, negative price developments for Bitcoin began last Friday, when the asset fell from $71,000 to $65,000. But now, as we reported at, the halving has happened. Thus, block rewards dropped to 3,125 BTC. Bitcoin price is also trying to stay above $ 64,000 after this event. It is thought that there is a calmer market movement compared to before the halving.

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Bitcoin Prediction from Billionaires: These Levels!