Santiment: Keep an Eye on These 4 Altcoins!

Santiment: Keep an Eye on These 4 Altcoins!
Santiment: Keep an Eye on These 4 Altcoins!

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The popular artificial intelligence coin Render Token saw a strong price increase of 40 percent last week. Thus, it is once again on the agenda. The value of this cryptocurrency, which has been strengthened by the support of major exchanges, among other reasons, has increased by 435% in the last year. Analytics platform Santiment drew attention to this situation. Santiment also recommended that investors keep an eye on 4 altcoin projects.

Santiment: You’ve seen RNDR, keep an eye on these 4 altcoin projects!

As you have been following on, Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused tokens have been attracting attention lately. AI and cryptocurrencies related to this emerging technology have been making great strides recently. One of these tokens that has caught the attention of many industry participants is Render (RNDR). The altcoin project has a market capitalization of almost $4 billion. This makes it the second largest token in its group. The current leader is (FET) with a market capitalization of over $5.5 billion.

However, market intelligence platform Santiment claimed that RNDR outperformed its rival and all other cryptocurrencies on one key front: social volume dominance. According to Santiment, RNDR has been at the center of most discussions over the past few days with more than 100%. Other altcoins that have performed quite well in this regard are AIOZ Network (AIOZ), Turbo (TURBO), Cirus (CIRUS) and Deri Protocol (DERI). Keep an eye on them, Santiment said:

AI and BigData fluctuations continue, while crypto projects related to the expanding sector continue to blossom. RNDR (+11%) is currently seeing skyrocketing bets as the most trending asset. Keep an eye on AIOZ, TURBO, CIRUS and DERI.

RNDR whales triggered the price rally!

On-chain data provider LookonChain reported that the recent Render (RNDR) price rally was driven by strong whale activity. Lookonchain has recently detected notable trades involving the RNDR cryptocurrency. On April 30 and May 1, user 0x15CF withdrew a significant amount of RNDR from Binance. In this context, the whale received a total of 748,898 tokens worth $5.3 million from the exchange.

This withdrawal was made by a user with a history of successful transactions with RNDR. This whale made a variable profit of $2.24 million from the transaction. Similarly, user ‘0x1Cb7’, who previously profited $480,000 from RNDR transactions, also got in on the action. This whale withdrew 364,586 tokens worth $3.68 million from exchanges in the last five days. This means that he collected tokens at an average of $9.19. In addition, users 0xCA9C and 0xE61A withdrew 181,922 tokens ($1.81 million) and 58,950 tokens ($586,000) respectively from Binance in the past day, according to data on Etherscan.

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Santiment: Keep an Eye on These 4 Altcoins!