Giant Whales Concentrated on These 3 Altcoins!

Giant Whales Concentrated on These 3 Altcoins!
Giant Whales Concentrated on These 3 Altcoins!

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A giant whale deposited 62 million XRP on exchanges. A whale favored this new meme coin over WIF and BODEN. A leading altcoin whale withdrew 1,214 ETH from exchanges, bringing its ETH holdings to 20,545 coins. Here are the details…

Altcoin price soars as whale moves 62 million XRP!

The XRP price started to rise to around $0.50 amid fluctuations in the overall market. This caught the attention of investors. This surge came alongside a positive move by other major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, in a notable development, a whale deposited 62 million XRP on exchanges. This has also sparked speculation.


The price of XRP has been on the rise as investors await the outcome of the Ripple Vs. SEC case is on the radar of investors waiting for the outcome. As you have been following on, the legal process regarding Ripple’s lawsuit filed by the SEC has become one of the most important issues in the crypto market. However, with these whale transactions, the focus of traders seems to have changed. The latest whale transactions were carried out by a single whale that transferred 62 million XRP. These large transactions have caused controversy in the crypto community. There have also been various theories about the intentions behind it.

Whales focus on this new meme coin instead of WIF and BODEN

Meme coins have become popular in the cryptocurrency world. Recent developments show a growing interest in a meme coin project called PUPS (Ordinals) (PUPS). A whale made a strategic switch to PUPS, boosting the meme coin’s confidence. The whale spent 1.8 million Boden and 1.05 million WIF to buy 54,161 PUPS worth approximately $2.88 million.

But whale still has a significant presence in BODEN and WIF. This shows that a strategic diversification strategy is being pursued. The whale has 20 million BODEN in its portfolio worth about $16.4 million. In addition, the whale holds 2.22 million WIFs worth about $6.1 million. According to experts, this move is a sign of growing interest among investors. It has also led to speculations that PUPS will become a major contender in the market. The activity in the meme coin segment continues.

Ethereum Whale staked 20.5 thousand ETH!

The crypto market experienced fluctuations due to tensions between Israel and Iran. However, today the sector started to recover. In the midst of this, an Ethereum whale staked a large amount of ETH on Beacon Chain. This created optimism among leading altcoin investors. The altcoin price fell in line with geopolitical tensions and halving corrections. But with the support of bulls, it showed signs of recovery and started bullish waves. The whale withdrew 1,214 ETH from 0x55c, bringing its ETH accumulation to 20,545 coins. Underlining a conscious investment strategy, the whale staked ETH on Beacon Chain, a key component of Ethereum 2.0. The whale’s massive ETH holdings emphasize confidence in Ethereum. It also provided investor optimism and supported the ETH price recovery.

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Giant Whales Concentrated on These 3 Altcoins!