Analyst Said This Altcoin Is Worth Investing In! Whales Are Rushing In!

Analist Bu Altcoin Yatırımlık Dedi! Balinalar Hücum Etti!
Analist Bu Altcoin Yatırımlık Dedi! Balinalar Hücum Etti!

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As altcoin prices plummeted, Shiba Inu investors surged to a record high with $223 billion in Shiba purchases at $0.00001830. Whales didn’t miss the opportunity.

Altcoin returning to the field with $223 billion in purchases

Shiba Inu Yatırımcıları Dikkat: Uyarı ve Ralli Beklentisi Yayınlandı! The of war between Israel and Iran affected all markets. Undoubtedly, the crypto market was most affected by this situation. The downturn continues to make waves worldwide. However, whales saw an opportunity to buy. One of the most purchased altcoins was Shiba.

Markets turned upside down with the echoes of the war, dragging small investors to the bottom. It’s a bear market where big whales will profit. The decline in Bitcoin‘s price also caused altcoin prices to drop rapidly. Throughout the week, the Shiba price remained at its highest levels in the past month. However, after the tension between Israel and Iran, it fell to the range of $0.000018. Especially, over the weekend, it dropped to $0.00001853 levels. It lost more than 25% compared to its intraday high of $0.0000249.

Declines are opportunities for investors!

However, Investor Oscar Ramos wrote that he would buy and that these value losses were just an opportunity. The social media posts of whales’ purchases and Bitcoin investor Oscar Ramos also support this prediction. After the substantial purchases by major investors, SHIB prices showed an increase of approximately 6.61%.

Investors are sharing their lessons from the recent drop in Shiba Inu and their thoughts on market movements. Bitcoin tested the $60,000 range again, but the crypto market is going through a tough period due to global conflicts. This situation indicates significant blows to assets like Shiba Inu. However, these declines offer attractive buying opportunities for some investors.

The rising altcoin in the falling market

On the other hand, confidence in Shiba Inu’s past high levels is increasing. The rapid recovery of the price from the recent drop reinforces investors’ confidence in SHIB. According to analyst and investor Oscar Ramos, he believes that the crypto asset will reverse the negative trend it has experienced recently. He suggests that it could retest the $0.000031 price threshold. This supports the idea that the asset could potentially show a strong recovery.

As we mentioned at, SHIB has shown a 6.61% increase in the last three hours. The SHIB price is currently trading around $0.00002368. The Daily Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is at -138. These figures indicate that the SHIB value is currently below. Nevertheless, investors and analysts maintain their belief that Shiba Inu could lead a rally that will shake the crypto market soon. This means that SHIB could potentially rally beyond the $0.00003 level, potentially achieving a 300% rally.

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Analyst Said This Altcoin Is Worth Investing In! Whales Are Rushing In!