Announcement from Binance and Others for NEO Coin and Those 25 Altcoins!

NEO Coin ve O 25 Altcoin İçin Binance ve Diğer Borsalardan Duyuru!
NEO Coin ve O 25 Altcoin İçin Binance ve Diğer Borsalardan Duyuru!

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The cryptocurrency world is very active this week. Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is expanding its platform by offering new products and features to its users. At the same time, altcoin listings for altcoins such as NEO coin are taking place on many different exchanges. Here are the details…

Binance announced for NEO coin and those 10 coins

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced many new listings and features for its users in a flurry of activity. First, starting April 17, users will have access to six new trading pairs on the Binance Spot market. These are as follows: ATOM/USDC, CFX/USDC, POLYX/TRY, RNDR/USDC, RUNE/USDC and SAGA/USDC. This expansion gives users more options to trade various cryptocurrencies with USD Coin (USDC), a popular stablecoin.

Additionally, Binance is enabling Spot Grid, Spot DCA, Rebalance Bot, and Spot Algo Orders support for SAGA/USDT and TNSR/USDT trading pairs. In other news, Binance Futures is launching three new perpetual contracts on April 18, offering users the opportunity to speculate with high leverage on the price movements of Arbitrum (ARB), Neo coin (NEO), and Filecoin (FIL). The ARBUSDC perpetual futures contract will begin at 10:00 AM ET, followed by NEOUSDC and FILUSDC. Users will benefit from up to 50x leverage for ARBUSDC and NEOUSDC and up to 75x leverage for FILUSDC on these contracts

Listing news came for more than one altcoin

In addition to Binance’s announcements, several other cryptocurrency exchanges also listed new altcoins. These lists have the potential to increase the adoption rate of many altcoins. Because, as we reported at, it provides access to many user bases.

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AscendEX listed Huralya (LYA), while MEXC added CeDeFiAi (CDFI), Sedra Coin (SDR), (SHARK), Colle AI (COL) and Kinka (XNK) to its platforms. BitMart joined the party by listing LUBE (LUBE) and Textopia (TXT). Other notable listings include Spectra Chain (SPCT) on MEXC, Zeus Network (ZEUS) on BTSE, dogwifsaudihat (WIFSA) on MEXC, Genesys (GSYS) on BitMart, and MovieBloc (MBL) on Interestingly, Artrade (ATR) has announced that it will soon list on a major exchange with significant daily trading volume.

This week’s developments highlight two important trends in the cryptocurrency market. First, major exchanges like Binance are constantly expanding their offerings. Thus, it offers users more options when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. Second, the launch of new highly leveraged perpetual contracts creates high-risk, high-reward opportunities for experienced investors. It is important to remember that leverage can magnify both profits and losses. Therefore, users should carefully consider their risk tolerance before using leveraged products.

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Announcement from Binance and Others for NEO Coin and Those 25 Altcoins!