Binance-Listed Altcoin Crashed! Fake Token Rug Pulls!

Binance’te Listelenen O Altcoin Çakıldı! Sahteleri Bile Çıkmıştı
Binance’te Listelenen O Altcoin Çakıldı! Sahteleri Bile Çıkmıştı

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The highly anticipated April 17 launch of the OMNI token, Omni Network’s native altcoin project, has become a cautionary tale for investors. While the airdrop of 3 million tokens created initial excitement, OMNI’s value dropped over 55% within hours, raising concerns about the stability of the project. On the other hand, the emergence of a fake OMNI coin; He highlighted the ongoing problem of rug pull fraud in the cryptocurrency market.

Decline in altcoin project listed on Binance

Founded by Harvard graduates and featuring a team of industry veterans, Omni Network aims to improve the interoperability of Ethereum aggregation. The airdrop to early adopters and community members increased optimism. The initial market cap of the altcoin then rose to a staggering $560 million. As we reported at, it was listed as the 52nd Project in Binance Launchpool.

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However, this enthusiasm was short-lived. Within 30 minutes of the airdrop and exchange listing, OMNI’s price dropped 30%, triggering a downward spiral. The next day, the token’s value fell below $24, representing a loss of more than half of its initial value.

Watch out for fake tokens!

The emergence of a fake token with the same name (OMNI) also added fuel to the fire. Taking advantage of the launch excitement, scammers created this fake token, hoping to fool unsuspecting investors. PeckShield, a blockchain security company, detected this scam and uncovered a “rug pull” maneuver in which developers withdraw liquidity from a project, causing its value to drop. The value of this fake OMNI token has actually dropped by 100%, potentially leading to further confusion and distrust in the market.

The Omni Network incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat of rug pull in the cryptocurrency space. Earlier this year, similar scams involving Lena Network’s Candy and OrdiZK resulted in significant investor losses. Last year alone, rug pull and related scams caused a staggering $760 million to be siphoned off from the crypto market. This underscores the need for greater investor vigilance and robust regulatory frameworks to combat such fraudulent activity.

In particular, before investing in any new token, do thorough research on the project’s team, whitepaper, and roadmap. Also, don’t get caught up in the excitement of a new token launch. Take your time, evaluate the long-term potential of the project and avoid impulsive decisions. Trade tokens only on established and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Stay informed about the latest scams and red flags in the crypto market.

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Binance-Listed Altcoin Crashed! Fake Token Rug Pulls!