Coinbase Also Joined The List, But That Altcoin Crashed!

Coinbase Also Joined The List, But That Altcoin Crashed!
Coinbase Also Joined The List, But That Altcoin Crashed!

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The cryptocurrency market is struggling to move forward as Bitcoin prepares for the halving event. However, the leading cryptocurrencies continue to struggle. In this atmosphere, we are also witnessing interesting events. Under normal circumstances, the prices of tokens listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges make a big jump. However, recently a Coinbase-listed token saw a sharp drop.

Coinbase also lists OMNI, but the altcoin price collapsed!

As you have been following on, Omni Network (OMNI) received consecutive listing news today. On the same day, it managed to get on the list of 8 different crypto exchanges. Among them are leading exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, BitMart. Finally, Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, also joined this caravan. Coinbasse announced that it will add OMNI to its list with the ‘experimental’ label. The exchange stated that trading will start today when the conditions for liquidity are met. In this context, Coinbase

Coinbase will add support for Omni Network (OMNI) on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 token). Do not send this asset through other networks or your funds may be lost. Transfers for this asset are available on Coinbase and CoinbaseExch in regions where trading is supported.

Coinbase noted that trading in the OMNI-USD trading pair will begin in phases once there is sufficient supply of this asset. Meanwhile, Coinbase stated that it will apply an ‘Experimental’ label for OMNI. Meanwhile, OMNI has progressed on a downward trajectory, unlike altcoins flying with listing news. Despite receiving listing news from many exchanges today, the token saw deep losses. At the time of the Coinbase listing news, it was trading with a loss of over 23%. This is probably due to the negative sentiment in the market.

OMNI daily price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

Bitget welcomes OMNI1: Strengthening digital collaboration

Bitget was another exchange that added Omni Network (OMNI) to its list. Bitget, a leading crypto exchange, also announced the addition of OMNI1 to its list today.

A brief overview of Omni Network (OMNI)

At a time characterized by concerns over government overreach and corporate surveillance, OMNI1 represents a commitment to protect individual freedoms. Harvard graduates developed the token. In addition, an experienced team from reputable organizations, including the Ethereum Foundation, contributed. Omni Network, the group behind OMNI1, aims to transform the digital collaboration framework.

Omni Network acts as a unified platform for Ethereum rollups, allowing developers to launch globally native applications that transcend traditional borders. This innovative approach fosters a decentralized ecosystem where creativity and innovation can flourish unhindered.

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Coinbase Also Joined The List, But That Altcoin Crashed!