3 Giant Partnerships in the Cryptocurrency World: These 3 Altcoins Shine!

3 Giant Partnerships in the Cryptocurrency World: These 3 Altcoins Shine!
3 Giant Partnerships in the Cryptocurrency World: These 3 Altcoins Shine!

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Solana Labs announced a new collaboration bringing GameShift to Google Cloud’s ecosystem. Uniswap partners with Robinhood, allowing users to buy cryptocurrencies through Robinhood Connect. On-chain data analytics platform Arkham announced The Open Network (TON) integration. There are important developments in the cryptocurrency world.

Solana Labs adds Google Cloud integration

Solana Labs announced its collaboration with Google Cloud on Thursday. In this regard, it revealed that it is bringing its Blockchain game development platform GameShift to Google Cloud’s ecosystem. This partnership is aimed at widespread adoption of Blockchain technology in games. GameShift eliminates Blockchain complexity by providing game developers with an easy-to-use API for seamless user onboarding on Solana, as well as in-game digital asset minting, branded in-game NFT marketplaces, credit card payments and settlements, and more.

With the Google Cloud integration, Solana developers will utilize the tech giant’s cloud infrastructure. Thus, they will be able to more easily use GameShift to distribute their Blockchain games. A Google Cloud representative confirmed that Solana GameShift “is now part of Google Cloud’s partner network.” Google Cloud Games Director Jack Buser said in a statement,

Many game studios built on Google Cloud have been looking to harness the creative potential of Web3 technology, but the inherent technical complexities have been a major barrier to wider adoption. By bringing GameShift to Google Cloud’s living games ecosystem, we’re giving developers a streamlined way to build immersive Blockchain experiences without struggling with the underlying technology.

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Uniswap adopts Robinhood Connect for cryptocurrency transactions

Uniswap, one of the major DEXs, has announced a new partnership with Robinhood, the famous crypto trading platform. Robinhood announced this news by saying “Robinhood Connect is now available on the Uniswap wallet!”. With this integration, users will be able to use Robinhood’s “Connect” feature. Thus, they will be able to buy cryptocurrencies through the Uniswap mobile app. Customers can also make these transactions using a debit card or bank transfer.

Moreover, this collaboration means that Robinhood Connect, Moonpay and Coinbase Pay are now the three cryptocurrency buying gateways available on the Uniswap platform. In addition, Robinhood stated that it is offering a “time-limited” $10 bonus in USDC (USD Coin) for cryptocurrency purchases worth $10 for the first time through Robinhood Connect on Uniswap. The integration marks Unisawp’s goal to merge its fiat services with the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

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Arkham announces TON Blockchain integration

As you have been following on Kriptokoin.com, Pantera Capital announced today that it has invested in TON. Not long after this news, an important partnership news came from TON. On-chain data analytics platform Arkham announced its integration with The Open Network (TON). It also gave Telegram users quick access to Arkham through the Telegram native mini app. Arkham announced this development on its official X account as follows:

We are partnering with Ton Blockchain to bring Arkham data to millions of TON and Telegram users. We will add TON support to the Arkham platform and provide Telegram users with lightning-fast access to Arkham via a Telegram-native Mini App.

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3 Giant Partnerships in the Cryptocurrency World: These 3 Altcoins Shine!