Master Meme Coin Trader: This Altcoin is the Next 100X Opportunity!

Master Meme Coin Trader: This Altcoin is the Next 100X Opportunity!
Master Meme Coin Trader: This Altcoin is the Next 100X Opportunity!

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The cryptocurrency market witnessed a meme coin boom in March, but it has since died down. A veteran crypto trader who made huge profits from meme coin trading shared his latest favorite. The trader said he sees a protocol built on Bitcoin as a “100x opportunity”.

Master meme coin trader identifies the next 100x altcoin opportunity!

As you have been following on, bearish sentiment prevails in the market for now. However, it is possible that this situation could create new opportunities. A popular trader with the nickname Ansem has previously identified other “100x opportunities” and achieved remarkable results with his trade predictions. He even caught the attention of on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain. The veteran trader made 170x profit on Solana (SOL), 520x on WIF and 80x on BONK. Thus, he gained a reputation in the market.

Interestingly, Ansem believes that most cryptocurrency traders are currently ignoring this opportunity. According to the trader, it is not impossible to make a gain of around 10,000%. In this context, Ansem says the following:

The next 100x opportunity is the Runes Protocol in Bitcoin, 95% of the Crypto Twitter community is not paying any attention to it. Compare volumes with Solana meme coins to the current unisat volume and consider the wealth effect if Bitcoiners have their own native altcoins to buy.

What is the Runes Protocol in Bitcoin?

Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the Ordinals protocol, has developed a new protocol for Bitcoin called Runes. Essentially, Runes aims to enable the creation and efficient transfer of fungible tokens for a DeFi ecosystem on the Bitcoin Blockchain. It allows multiple token transfers in a single transaction. Thus, it eliminates the limitations of the BRC-20 standard, which is currently the most widely used.

In addition, Runes promises greater simplicity and security than BRC-20 without being dependent on Ordinals. The launch of the protocol coincides with Bitcoin’s fourth halving. It is possible that this will make transaction fees more important for network security. In this context, a Coindesk report expects Bitcoin average transaction fees to increase if Runes become popular.

Ansem’s trading history and previous 100x opportunities

Ansem has achieved remarkable success in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. In January 2021, he opened a position on Solana at $1.5. Within 11 months, the trader’s position skyrocketed to $260. Thus, the master trader made a staggering 170-fold gain. Trader’s success was also evident in October 2023 when he tweeted “bonk great coin” and predicted that BONK’s price would increase more than 80 times in just four months. Finally, he endorsed WIF in December 2023. The meme coin saw a staggering 520-fold increase from $0.09 to $4.85.

Meme coin
Ansem’s trade with SOL. Source: Lookonchain

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Master Meme Coin Trader: This Altcoin is the Next 100X Opportunity!