That Altcoin Increased Incredibly: A Surprising Decision Came from the Founder!

O Altcoin İnanılmaz Arttı: Kurucudan Şaşırtıcı Karar Geldi!
O Altcoin İnanılmaz Arttı: Kurucudan Şaşırtıcı Karar Geldi!

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ORE, an altcoin project, has come to the fore recently. Cryptocurrency has increased by 259 percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, some comments and decisions of the founder of the project attracted attention. Here’s what happened…

Altcoin project is flying

The altcoin ORE project running on the Solana Blockchain reached a price level of $325, exceeding $300 with an incredible increase of 259% in the last 24 hours. This indicates an extremely rapid rise of the project and attracts the attention of investors. However, this sudden rise was also followed by a sudden decline. ORE price decreased from $325 to $192.46. Despite this decline, the token still later rebounded to $325.

The reason behind these fluctuations is the decision taken by the project regarding the mining mechanism. ORE, which works similar to Bitcoin, decided to stop all mining activities. This decision was announced by @HardhatChad, the anonymous designer of the project. “I have made the decision to cease all mining activities, effective immediately. I believe this action is in the best interest of Solana, the ORE owners, and the fastest path to the v2 release of the project,” the designer said. said.

Decision to stop mining on behalf of Solana

The main reason behind this decision is the congestion problems in the Solana network. Launched as an experimental hackathon project just two weeks ago, ORE quickly caught the attention of the Solana community. The rapid increase in interest and subsequent mining activity flooded the Solana network with transactions. Thus, it contributed to significant congestion problems. Hardhat Chad said in a post that if the Solana blockchain platform wants to encourage users to participate in testnet activities such as testing new features or protocols, the Solana Foundation should provide an incentive in the form of SOL.

At the same time, Solana was also struggling with increased transactions initiated by bots and new memecoins. This led to an increase in demand for block space, significantly slowing down the speed of the network. Solana released a patch update to alleviate the congestion. HardhatChad noted that ORE has become the most used application on Solana by number of transactions since its launch, generating more mainnet traffic load than any smart contract in blockchain history.

What will be the future of ORE?

With mining activities halted, the future of ORE remains uncertain. The project’s founder said that “recent challenge updates have conclusively shown that a new contract design is needed.” The community’s response to Hardhat Chad’s proposal is divided. Some supported it while others opposed it. A user named TheSoftwareJedi disagrees. He advised Chad to focus on building his project first and show goodwill to the foundation.

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This strategic move is also in line with the project’s roadmap to develop the second version (v2) of Ore, emphasizing the commitment to long-term sustainability. Ore’s activity has significantly contributed to Solana’s network congestion since its entry into the market. It also affected transaction planning and led to a high rate of failed transactions, especially due to the memecoin craze on the network.

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That Altcoin Increased Incredibly: A Surprising Decision Came from the Founder!