Hot News from PEPE Coin and These 6 Altcoins Included in the List!

Hot News from PEPE Coin and These 6 Altcoins Included in the List!
Hot News from PEPE Coin and These 6 Altcoins Included in the List!

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Coinbase postponed the launch of Pepe Coin futures. Binance Pool launches zero-fee mining for CKB. Toncoin made an encrypted announcement! And more…

News from TON, PEPE Coin and these 5 altcoins!

Coinbase postpones the launch of Pepe Coin Perp futures!

Coinbase International Exchange, the international subsidiary of leading crypto exchange Coinbase, has postponed the launch of Pepe Coin (PEPE) futures. Thus, creating a buzz in the cryptocurrency community. Moreover, this update coincided with a decline in the PEPE Coin price. Earlier, Coinbase International Exchange introduced Pepe Coin perpetual futures on April 12. The exchange planned to launch the futures on April 18, but postponed it for technical reasons.

Binance Pool launches zero-fee mining for CKB

Binance Pool, the mining arm of Binance, has officially announced a zero-fee mining service designed specifically for Nervos Network (CKB). It will be available from April 18 to May 18, 2024. This announcement marks an important milestone for the Nervos ecosystem. It also provides miners with a nice incentive to participate in CKB mining activities.

Toncoin made a cryptic announcement!

Toncoin caught the attention of investors today with its latest X post. Ton Blockchain posted a teaser, “Who’s ready for the big announcement?” This led to speculation in the crypto community about the project’s potential move in the coming days. Investors are eagerly waiting to see what this announcement will entail. The community is also weighing the potential impact on TON’s price trajectory.

Bybit to list Solana-based meme coin MEW!

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit recently announced plans to list Cat in a Dogs World (MEW). Thus, as you have been following on, it created a great excitement in the cryptocurrency world. Bybit said in a statement today that it plans to start trading for MEW shortly. This created a wave of optimism for the token among crypto traders and investors.

Thruster completes $7.5 million seed funding round

Thruster, a DEX project in the Blast ecosystem, announced that it has completed a $7.5 million seed funding round at a valuation of $70 million. Pantera Capital led this financing round. Also participating were OKX Ventures, Mirana Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Manifold Ventures and Arche Fund.

A smart trader bought 500,68 WBTC

According to on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain, a smart trader address recently bought 500.68 WBTC (spending 30.76 million DAI) at an average price of $61,436. This address usually trades BTC in waves. Moreover, it made a total profit of $21.04 million.

Qtum will evolve into an artificial intelligence project!

In an interview with GamesBeat, Miguel Palencia, COO and co-founder of the altcoin project, said that the project has some Nvidia 3000 series GPUs and will transform from a cryptocurrency mining operator into an AI chatbot and vision operator. Qtum Foundation’s GPUs will support the Quantum AI program, whose first phase includes Qtum Solstice, a conversational chatbot similar to ChatGPT based on an open-source model, and Qtum Qurator, a text-to-image rendering model similar to Midjourney. Once the first phase is in place, the Qtum Foundation will immediately begin developing the underlying technology.

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Hot News from PEPE Coin and These 6 Altcoins Included in the List!